CNBC's Dylan Ratigan Out? Here's the Scoop

Dylan Ratigan, host of CNBC's "Fast Money" program, has quit the network, according to a recently published report. The New York Post quotes inside sources as saying Ratigan walked out over a battle with a network exec. CNBC has called the story into question -- but doesn't directly deny Ratigan's departure.

Dylan Ratigan Rumors

The fight centered around a woman named Susan Krakower, the Post claims. Krakower, CNBC's VP for strategic programming and development, is credited with co-creating the "Fast Money" show. The "insider" cited by the Post says Krakower had been "ignoring him for months" and not giving him "the attention he deserved."

Dylan Ratigan was apparently heard yelling at Krakower during a commercial break last year. "You know what, Susan, I'm in the middle of hosting a show right now, so now is an unwelcome time to hear your voice," the Post claims he said. "If you want to pull me off the show, please do. [You are] rude and disrespectful... You lie to me routinely."

Ratigan's contract, Page Six says, was set to expire next week. He is believed to already be in talks with other networks.

Dylan Ratigan: CNBC Response

CNBC issued the following statement to the Post: "The premise of your story is incorrect. Susan Krakower, who oversaw the development of 'Fast Money,' is one of the most talented people at CNBC."