Seinfeld’s Kimmel Diss Raises Eyebrows: Jerry Is ‘Not Impressed’ By Comedian’s Letterman Gesture

The Seinfeld Kimmel diss over Jimmy’s late night tribute to retiring talk show host David Letterman is starting to make the rounds, and it has many wondering if Kimmel will confront the issue in the same way that he has with other celebrity disputes.

(Thinking of Kanye West.)

Apparently, Jerry Seinfeld was unimpressed that the funniest man on late night was airing a rerun the night of Dave’s final show. What would have been a better gesture?

Jerry actually does have a clue contrary to what the image above might indicate.

In a Yahoo! report, Seinfeld was quoted in an interview with Access Hollywood in which he was asked if Kimmel’s decision was a “classy move.”

“No. He loves Dave so much. We get it. We understand.”

The jaded response from the star of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee was followed with a suggestion of what might have been a better move.

“Why not put up a test pattern if you really want to respect the guy?” Seinfeld said. “I think TV Land put up a test pattern on the night of my [Seinfeld] finale out of respect. That was a very nice gesture. That’s what I would do. That’s a real tip of the cap!”

Jimmy hasn’t responded to the Seinfeld Kimmel diss, but stay tuned to his show to see if this one comes back around.

As for Seinfeld, he made news earlier this year when he spoke on autism and discussed his frequent thoughts of suicide.

In an interview posted to Complex, Seinfeld had this to say.

“Yeah, well I have a terrace at my apartment and it’s fantastic. You have to come see it sometime. Every time I go out on that terrace I think, Maybe I’ll jump. [Wale laughs.] Because if I jump, the list of things I don’t have to do is so long, the issues I don’t have to deal with. All I have to do is jump and everything is taken care of! Now, I don’t jump. But I don’t care to know why I want to jump. What’s the difference why? The mind is not that great.”

When pressed on whether he was serious, he insisted he was.

“I am being serious… Every time… I look over it and I think, I could do it. I could do it. I’m on the 19th floor. [Laughs.] All I got to do is jump…. But there’s nothing there. There’s nothing there to explore, is my point. I’m not going to a shrink to find out why I want to jump off the terrace. That’s a waste of another hour!”

As for the Seinfeld Kimmel diss, is Jerry wrong? How would you honor Dave?

[Image via Mashable]