'Han Solo' Movie Has A Boba Fett Cameo? Harrison Ford A No Show In 'Star Wars' Spinoff Rumors

Is the Boba Fett movie also a Han Solo movie, or could the same be true vice versa? The latest Star Wars spinoff rumors may be conflicting, but no one is saying how Harrison Ford would be involved, if at all.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, it's been claimed that 85-year-old actor Max Von Sydow has been cast as Boba Fett. While having an older man as the famed bounty hunter may sound like a bad idea to Star Wars fans, once you check out the details, you can see how it might work out for the best.

The rumors can get quite confusing over time, especially considering that the Star Wars spinoff movies are being written and produced in the same time frame. So when information does get leaked out, it tends to be all mashed up with other facts. For example, some Star Wars rumors claimed the Boba Fett movie would feature the character as part of a team of bounty hunters hired by the Rebel Alliance to steal the Death Star plans. But it seems this is the plot for Star Wars: Rogue One, although it's possible the infamous bounty hunter could make a cameo appearance.

This is also how the Boba Fett movie could also be a Han Solo movie based upon rumors from Screen Rant.

"The Boba Fett movie is more vague in shape, but... with a loose frame like that, we could very well end up seeing Han Solo's carbonite slab bounced around the screen for an hour an a half while Boba tries to get it back. Add in cameos by unscrupulous types like Darth Vader, and this anti-hero Star Wars flick could be something refreshingly new."

In similar fashion, other Star Wars rumors point out that Rogue One takes place during the original trilogy, so a Boba Fett or Han Solo appearance makes sense. The rumors also claim that only the Millennium Falcon would show up, which means Harrison Ford does not directly have to show his now-aged face.

It has long been assumed that the Han Solo movie would focus on the origins of the smuggler, and hopefully it'd show how Solo and Chewbacca met for the first time. But it's also been noted that earlier leaks claimed that the movie was simply named Solo, so some wondered if the movie would focus on the future of the Solo family during the 30-year gap between trilogies.

If Max Von Sydow really is Boba Fett, then it would make sense for him to show up in the Han Solo movie during that time frame. It also makes sense for the Solo film to be the third Star Wars spinoff to be released, especially if it would otherwise give us hints about what is going on during the main trilogy.

After all, if the Han Solo movie is about a younger man, then it's obvious Harrison Ford can't play a major role. It is possible CGI effects have reached the point where Ford could simply be a voice actor while a lookalike does all the scenes, but not actually having Ford on screen sounds like sacrilege.

Speaking of an idea that made millions of voices cry out in terror, there's also rumors that Han Solo's death may be in the works. Check out the original article linked to in the last sentence for the full details, but even Harrison Ford himself said he wanted Han Solo dead in Episode 6.

"I thought Han Solo should die. I thought he ought to sacrifice himself for [Luke and Leia]. He's got no mama. He's got no papa. He's got no future. He has no story responsibilities at this point. So let's allow him to commit self-sacrifice."

Screenplay writer Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote the various scripts with J.J. Abrams, also supposedly wrote the Boba Fett movie screenplay, and also once said, "I also felt someone had to go... It should happen very early in the last act so you begin to worry about everybody."

Oh, no, Han Solo can't go! Let us pretend they didn't say that and instead imagine Boba Fett using a lightsaber.