Chalice Renee Zeitner: Woman Posing As Veteran Results To Drastic Measures For Tax-Funded Abortion

Convicted con-artist Chalice Renee Zeitner may have gotten away with illegal acts in the past, but investigators are working to make sure that doesn’t happen again. According to ABC-15, Zeitner has been posing as a military sergeant for quite some time. Zeitner has a tainted past and a lengthy list of offenses, including drunk driving, drug abuse, forgery, and fraud. However, recent reports have revealed her fraudulent scams aren’t over.

Now, Zeitner has reportedly lied about being diagnosed with cancer to meet the requirements for a state-funded abortion. In the state of Arizona, Medicaid usually covers the costs of abortions in cases where pregnancy is the result of sexual assault, an incestuous act, or any other condition that would categorize the termination as a “medical necessity.” The 29-year-old produced fake documents to prove she’d been diagnosed with cancer.

It has been reported that she produced a one-page letter from a Massachusetts doctor to back her claims. She provided details about her “medical condition,” citing symptoms and treatments she was undergoing for the terminal illness.

“Zeitner claimed she had stage IV sarcoma in her abdomen and lower spine, had received chemotherapy and radiation treatments and was scheduled to receive a life-saving surgery in Boston,” documents state.

Zeitner was granted the right to have “what was thought to be a medically necessary late-term abortion” based on the documentation. At the time of the procedure, the baby weighed approximately one pound and was reportedly born alive.

“The baby lived for approximately 20 minutes and received no life-saving measure by hospital staff,” according to documents.

The abortion was not questioned until she returned to the same doctor for another pregnancy one year later. However, this time she wasn’t seeking an abortion. She was ready to deliver the full-term baby she was carrying. The questionable pregnancy confirmed the previous documents were fraudulent because there were no signs of any cancer.

Zeitner has created multiple Facebook accounts under different aliases along with documents based on falsified records to back her erroneous claims. Images of those altered documents have also been released.

DD214 Zeitner Forgery

Zeitner is now facing felony charges for forgery, fraud, and theft. The Phoenix Police Department has issued a warrant for her arrest.

[Image via ABC-15]