Ben Affleck Divorce, Cheating And Wedding Ring Removal Rumors Debunked With Claims He Left Wife Jennifer Garner

Paula Mooney

The rumors about a certain superstar are flying around hot and heavy on May 8. An article from United Press International, titled "Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's marriage on the brink," claims that Ben ditched Jennifer in a mid-life crisis quest for freedom before Garner's birthday and tossed off his wedding ring as well. It's getting so popular that it has made the #2 spot on the "What's Hot" list from Alexa, an Amazon company that tracks web trends.

According to Gossip Cop, all the rumors of a $150 million divorce between Affleck and Garner are not true. The website says Ben didn't leave Jennifer and take off his wedding ring after the duo supposedly fought because Garner accused Ben of cheating on her and becoming an alcoholic. The rumors about Ben going off to some Buddhist monastery located on a remote island in Canada are also being debunked, despite a few publications picking up on the story that claims to be from an inside source.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Affleck recently made the news for trying to hide the fact that he hails from slave-owning ancestors, but this latest talk about a midlife crisis in a last attempt to get his head right and not go down the path of divorce is being called untrue by journalist Shari Weiss. The rumors have also claimed that Ben cheated on Garner when he coupled up with Anna Kendrick, his The Accountant co-star -- another thing being called a lie amid these divorce, gambling and drinking rumors. Gossip Cop's source called these latest rounds of divorce rumors between Ben and Jennifer absolute "crap," citing how the couple has survived divorce rumors in the past.

Folks on Twitter have chimed in on these latest divorce rumors as well, with some of them believing the stories, whilst others don't fall for the fake headlines.

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