Bethenny Frankel Celebrates A Business Milestone: Sales Are Through The Roof

Bethenny Frankel is back on The Real Housewives of New York and she is ready to open up and show people what she has been going through over the past couple of months. Frankel filed for divorce in January of 2013, and she has been battling her estranged husband over the past two years. The two are fighting over money and the massive Skinnygirl business, which is worth millions.

It is no secret that Bethenny Frankel is a genius when it comes to money and business ideas. Bethenny took a simple cocktail and turned it into a million-dollar company. Over the past few years, Frankel has expanded the business to include food products, yoga gear and blenders – pretty much anything for someone to live the Skinnygirl lifestyle.

According to a new Bravo report, Bethenny Frankel recently celebrated another milestone and this one wasn’t related to Skinnygirl. Frankel has been spending time writing several books, including children’s books and one about cocktails. And her newest book, I Suck at Relationships So You Don’t Have To, has officially become a bestseller.

“Guess what? #iSuckAtRelationships is officially a @nytimes best seller all thanks to YOU! xo,” Bethenny Frankel revealed on Twitter yesterday, clearly hinting that the book is being ripped off the shelves.

This week, Million Dollar Listing: New York star Fredrik Eklund’s book The Sell is also a bestseller, so these two friends will have to battle it out. For Fredrik, this is his first bestselling book. Frankel has four other bestselling books. But this particular book is a bit different for Frankel, as she opens up about her former relationships that were less than awesome.

Some people may have bought the book in hopes of learning more information about her long divorce from Jason Hoppy. The two have been in the divorce process for more than two years now, and Bethenny hasn’t really talked about what went wrong. Bethenny has hinted that he didn’t like her success, but Bethenny was on a mission to make money.

But in the book, Bethenny Frankel revealed that she does have a horrible reputation when it comes to picking men. Clearly, she can’t pick the right ones. Hopefully, this recent bestselling status of her newest book will give her something to be happy about. And the person suing her over the Skinnygirl Cocktails has dropped the lawsuit, according to the Inquisitr. Bethenny has plenty of things to be happy about.

What do you think about Bethenny Frankel reaching a new milestone?

[Image via Bravo]