B.B. King: Karen Williams Claims Elder Abuse, Judge Disagrees

B.B. King’s daughter, Karen Williams, is concerned that her father is a victim of elder abuse. King’s manager, Laverne Toney, currently has authority over the Blues legend’s medical and financial concerns. However, Williams said Toney is stealing her father’s money and neglecting his needs.

As reported by SF Gate, Karen Williams alleges more than $1 million of her father’s $5 million fortune simply vanished with explanation. She is also concerned, as Toney reportedly forbid King’s family and closest friends from visiting the ailing musician.

Williams took her concerns to the Clark County Family Court in Las Vegas, Nevada. On Thursday, Family Court Hearing Master Jon Norheim dismissed the case, as he determined the claims of abuse were unfounded.

Norheim referred to two independent investigations, which were conducted in October 2014 and April 2015. As reported by Journal- Advocate, the investigators did not find any “evidence of need for guardianship.”

During his ruling, Norheim said he was not presented with any proof that King “lacks capacity” to make decisions about his financial or medical needs. He also said the 89-year-old musician has a competent legal team, which has his best interest in mind.

Laverne Toney, who vehemently denies the allegations, will retain control over B.B. King’s affairs. Karen Williams said she is disappointed with the Norheim’s ruling. However, she “vowed to keep fighting.”

Attorney Brent Bryson, who heads King’s legal team, said Williams’ petition is “all about money.”

“Mr. King is no longer out able to tour at this particular time so there’s no money coming in. The only way they can get money now is by filing a frivolous type of action.”

King’s eldest daughter, Shirley, said the animosity between Williams and Toney is nothing new. Although she admits she is “not too sure things are right,” she is certain her “dad would never want this.”

B.B. King’s health has been on the decline since October, when he was forced to cancel the remainder of his 2014 tour.

Last week, authorities were called to the Blues legend’s home on reports of a heated argument between Laverne Toney and King’s daughter Patty. Amid the dispute, B.B. King suffered a suspected heart attack.

Although King was initially hospitalized, he eventually returned home – where he remains in Hospice care.

B.B. King’s condition remains stable. However, Karen Williams said she is incredibly concerned that Toney is taking advantage of her father.

[Image via Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images]