Chris Soules Was ‘Openly Rolling His Eyes At His Costumes’ On ‘DWTS’

Chris Soules was sent home this past Monday from Dancing with the Stars, and he was clearly heartbroken that he didn’t make it to the quarterfinals. As he learned of his departure, Chris spoke with tears in his eyes, and fans could tell that he was disappointed in himself. But with the fans clapping and Witney Carson offering supportive words, Soules left the competition proud.

But sources are now saying that The Bachelor star Chris Soules can be a bit of a diva. While Chris didn’t have a long list of needs in his dressing room, the producers behind the scenes were not exactly thrilled to work with him.

According to a new Radar Online report, Chris Soules is now being slammed by sources who say that he was difficult to work with behind the scenes on Dancing with the Stars. Apparently, nothing was ever quite right for him, including the costumes.

“Soules was humble and so sweet at the beginning of DWTS, but by the time he had been voted off, the sentiment from the cast and crew had changed,” an insider has revealed about Chris’ stay on Dancing with the Stars, adding, “It started with Chris asking the wardrobe department to make adjustments to his wardrobe. It seemed innocent enough. But by the last week, Chris was openly rolling his eyes at his costumes.”

On Dancing with the Stars, Chris did seem a bit uncomfortable in some of the outfits he was dancing in. Soules is more of a big farmer guy, not a dancer in sparkles and revealing clothes. But on the dance floor, he showed no regrets. However, sources are saying that behind the scenes, Soules was a bit of a diva.

“Nothing was good enough for Chris, and he even complained about the color of his spray on tan! He wanted it to be darker,” the source reveals, saying, “Chris has become obsessed with living in Hollywood, and loves the fame he got from being on The Bachelor and on Dancing with the Stars. Being voted off DWTS will be very hard for Chris because he truly thought the Bachelor fans would get him through to the finals.”

This is not the first time Chris Soules has been the subject of reports claiming that he loves Hollywood and the spotlight. In fact, many speculated that his relationship with Whitney Bischoff would suffer because she wanted the Arlington farm life with him, and he wanted to stay in Hollywood and continue his 15 minutes of fame.

Now that Soules is back home in Arlington, it sounds like he wants to focus on farming. He recently posted a picture of himself wearing a ring. According to the Inquisitr, Chris now wants to move forward and build the life with Whitney Bischoff they started on The Bachelor.

What do you think of Chris Soules supposedly showing diva behavior?

[Image via ABC]