Disrespectful Teen Picks Subway Fight With The Wrong Woman, Her Epic Defense Tactic Goes Viral [Video]

Disrespectful teenagers aren't new to the world, but unfortunately with the evolution of social media, the world has witnessed an overwhelming number of shocking incidents that have left many viewers in disbelief. Now, another confrontation between an adult and a disrespectful teen has surfaced online. However, this incident has an ending you might find relatively gratifying because the adult's clever thinking left the disrespectful teen in shock!

On May 1, footage of a subway confrontation was uploaded to Facebook. The 29-second clip shows a male teen embroiled in a heated argument with a woman, presumably someone's mother, according to the video's caption.

teen maced on subway

As the video continues, the teen steps closer toward the woman and it looks as if he could strike at any second. Before passengers began filming, the teen must have said that he'd spit on her because the woman can be heard daring him to spit on her. The teen responded by threatening to knock the woman out. Well aware of the possibilities, she also went a step further, challenging him to do so. After a brief moment, the teen steps even closer and shoves the woman. But, he definitely didn't know the type of defense tactic she had in mind because he never saw it coming.

The woman retaliated by pulling a small bottle of pepper spray from her purse. Before the teen had a chance to process what she'd planned to do, the woman maced him directly in the face. Needless to say, that quickly dissolved the confrontation, as the teen can be seen scurrying away. Most viewers have definitely agreed that the teen got what he deserved, but surprisingly, some are also holding the woman accountable for her involvement, claiming her instigation caused the verbal confrontation to escalate.

Who do you think should be blamed? The teen for his level of disrespect, or the woman for instigating? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Facebook]