Brantley Gilbert Tattoo: Country Music Star Gets Massive Tribute To The 2nd Amendment Across His Back

Brantley Gilbert is paying tribute to the right to bear arms with a giant tattoo on his bare back.

The country music star just showed off a tattoo stretching across his entire back, with the word “Amendment” at the top and two pistols underneath.

If the message wasn’t clear enough already, Brantley Gilbert added the text of the 2nd Amendment at the bottom of the tattoo.

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Brantley showed off the tattoo on Instagram Tuesday, writing, “I wanted to take my support of the 2nd amendment to another level, so my boy Carl Grace came by the house and hooked me up yesterday!!!”

Brantley explained that the tattoo came in two parts. The first was the giant pistols and the second phase was the 2nd Amendment itself.

Brantley Gilbert Tattoo

While Brantley Gilbert may have the biggest 2nd Amendment tattoo, he’s not the only country music star vocal about his love of the right to bear arms. Justin Moore included a tribute to guns on his 2011 album Outlaws Like Me.

The song, called “Guns,” told of Moore’s love for all kinds of firearms, as well as the Amendment that protected the right to own them.

“I’m gonna tell you once and listen, son / As long as I’m alive and breathing / You won’t take my guns”

Randy Rogers Band also had a gun hit with the 2013 song “Shotgun,” which told about a gun hanging on the wall to signify that their troubled days weren’t too far in the past.

“I might have hung up my shotgun / But I didn’t put it up so high / That I can’t reach up and get it back down / If you give me a reason why”

The artists could be taking their cues from a country music legend. Johnny Cash had one of the most memorable songs about guns, the No. 1 hit “Don’t Take Your Guns to Town.”

The tattoo isn’t the only big change in Brantley Gilbert’s life. The country music singer just revealed that he and fiance Amber Cochran will be getting married soon. Gilbert hasn’t shared the date but did say he will have a special officiant at the ceremony.

It’s not clear if Brantley Gilbert ran the tattoo by his fiance, but when he’s married, he may want to consult his wife.

[Image via Instagram]