Citysearch Offers Free Custom Videos to Businesses

Online guide Citysearch is now offering free online video for local businesses when they sign up for a Citysearch account now through the end of August 2008.

When signing up for a Citysearch business account, merchants will receive a free, custom, professionally shot and edited 60-90 second video vignette of their business that is featured on their Citysearch profile page. Citysearch is also giving customers the ability to embed their video in their own website.

“Video is a powerful online tool for local businesses giving them the unique opportunity to share their story while allowing users to experience the ambiance of the business and establish a connection prior to visiting,” said Jay Herratti, CEO of Citysearch. “Citysearch has found that local advertisers experience a high click through rate on their videos, demonstrating increased user engagement. Citysearch is excited to be fostering this high value connection between consumers and our local merchants.”