‘Stockholm Pennsylvania’: Lifetime Movie Released Date Is Tomorrow Be Sure To Watch The Ending

Stockholm Pennsylvania is a Lifetime movie that will premiere on the popular TV station this weekend. Lifetime has been advertising the movie for a little over a month. Today, Lifetime posted a reminder for the upcoming release date on their Facebook page. Stockholm Pennsylvania stars Saoirse Ronan, Jason Isaacs, and Cynthia Nixon, according to The Internet Movie Database (IMDB). Stockholm Pennsylvania comes on the heels of another Lifetime kidnapping movie that was released last week called Cleveland Abduction.

Produced and written by Nikole Beckwith, the plot has to do with a woman who returns home after she was abducted 17 years ago.While the return home should be filled with joy, Leia finds it difficult to connect with her real family since she still has a strong attachment to her abductor – the one who has raised over the last 17 years. Stockholm Pennsylvania seeks to educate viewers on the relationship that can often develop between a person who has been abducted and their captors. The name of that attachment is called Stockholm Syndrome. The movie producers don’t advertise the movie as a movie based on a true story or a movie inspired by actual events. But it is believed that they have taken several abductor-captor stories to weave a new plot basis for this movie.

One famous true story that comes to mind is the infamous case of Stephen Stayner, a 7-year old boy who was abducted at a bus stop in California. In that case, Steven was only able to remember his first name, but he knew that he had a family. At the age of 14, he escaped from his abductor and was brought home by authorities after 7 years. What should have been a happy family reunion ended in turmoil for that family. Steven felt like a stranger in the home upon his return, though he was happy to see his mother again. His brother became jealous over the attention that Steven Stayner received and the love that his parents had for him. That man, Carey Stayner, became a notorious serial killer. Steven Stayner died in a motorcycle accident at the age of 25. His tragic story was also made into a Lifetime movie called “I Know My First Name Is Steven.”

This latest Lifetime television movie is a must see for viewers. Be sure to tune in to Stockholm Pennsylvania on Saturday at 8/7c.

Here is the tease for the movie.

“Abducted 17 years ago, Leia (Ronan) is miraculously found and returned home to her parents Marcy (Nixon) and Glen Dargon (Warshofsky). Having long forgotten her family, after being raised by her captor Benjamin McKay (Isaacs), Leia finds herself unable to connect to those who love her the most. Instead, she yearns for Ben, the only father figure she’s ever known, and the safety of the basement she called home most of her life. Marcy resorts to desperate measures to forge a relationship with Leia, allowing her marriage to unravel as a byproduct. With Marcy’s increasingly erratic actions echoing those of Ben, Leia is left questioning what it really means to be loved.”

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