WWE Rumors: John Cena May Turn Heel Soon, And WWE Is Blatantly Testing It Out

Ever since his days as a thug rapper, John Cena has played the role of the All-American hero and babyface in WWE. Half the crowd loves him and the other half of crowd despises him, but he always ends up with a big smile on his face and playing up to the crowd with a salute and hat thrown out to the fans. Now, WWE has been dropping hints the past few months that John Cena could finally be turning heel.

It's always said that anyone and everyone can be turned heel. That was proven to be true when Hulk Hogan shocked the world and joined the nWo so many years ago. Now, the ultimate babyface, or good guy, is John Cena and it's about time that he turned heel.

Ever since winning the U.S. Title from Rusev, Cena has shown a lot of signs of going the route of the heel. He hasn't turned heel, but he's certainly shown hints that he knows how to be one.

john cena heel stardust

A few weeks ago on Monday Night RAW, Stardust answered the U.S. Open Challenge, and played the role of the babyface. John Cena used a lot of headlocks and other restholds, which are typical heel moves.

Even during the match, Cena would wear down Stardust almost as if he was setting him up for the big babyface comeback. Later in the match, Stardust made the big quickfire comeback and was doing well until Cena overcame adversity and won with a smile.

john cena heel sami zayn

This past Monday night on RAW, Sami Zayn surprisingly met the call for the challenge and it was obvious that he would be the face in his hometown. Still, Cena seriously played the role of the heel in this match too.

Yes, Cena allowed the ref to check on Zayn when he had the injured shoulder, but he's not turning full heel. Not yet. There were a number of things that showed Cena playing the full heel role.

  • Big move, quick cover. Big move, quick cover.
  • Every time Zayn would get hyped up after hitting a big move, Cena would play the power card and put him right down with a strong clothesline or shoulder block.
  • Cena stared down Zayn a lot whenever he'd know the young star down.
  • When Zayn kicked out of the AA, Cena did two very heel moves. First, he sat there and stared out to the crowd, stunned. Secondly, he actually cornered the ref and began yelling in his face that it should have been a three-count.
We also can't forget that just a month ago, the conversation of John Cena turning heel came up in a conversation with Chris Jericho. He admitted that it was discussed and actually had some plans put in place for it.
"It was discussed briefly, with the program with The Rock... I got new theme music, got new gear made. It's not like I am not ready for it. I am just trying to do my job the best I can. If it happened, I thought it would be great. It would be great for me to be able to do that, but it is so rewarding to me to go out there and be inspirational. If they stay it's time I just hope that they have someone ready to replace my role on the show and it was truly what's best for everybody."
With fans as they are these days, many of those that are supposed to be heels are actually babyfaces. Just look at Brock Lesnar, who is meant to be a huge heel, but the fans end up doing nothing but cheering for him.

If the John Cena heel turn ends up happening, he would easily be the top heel in WWE for the time being. He'd be booed out of every building he appeared in, and it would open up a whole new set of storylines. Don't be surprised if it happens. WWE is already testing it.

[Images via WWE]