Illegal Immigration: Border X-Ray Reveals 8-Year-Old Boy In Suitcase

Anne Sewell

In a clear case of attempted illegal immigration, a sub-Saharan African boy, thought to be around eight-years-old, was found curled up and hiding in a suitcase at the border between Morocco and the North African Spanish territory of Ceuta. Images of the x-rays clearly show the boy hidden inside the case.

According to the Spanish language news service, 20 Minutos, a Moroccan woman attempted to smuggle the boy into Spain at around noon Thursday at El Tarajal on the border between Ceuta and Morocco. On the x-ray at border control, the boy could clearly be seen, curled up inside the suitcase.

— Ceuta 24 horas (@Ceuta_24h) May 7, 2015

Twitter translation: The Civil Guard found a sub-Saharan boy of 8 years hiding in a suitcase at the Ceuta border.

— The Local Spain (@TheLocalSpain) May 7, 2015

— Ceuta 24 horas (@Ceuta_24h) May 7, 2015

Tweet translation: The Civil Guard on the Ceuta border found an 8-year-old sub-Saharan boy in a suitcase.

This isn't the first story of attempts to smuggle people across various borders in cases of attempted illegal immigration. The Inquisitr has reported recently on a Georgian man who attempted to smuggle a woman inside a suitcase across the border into Turkey.

There was, previous to this, the story of a French pensioner who attempted to smuggle his new young Russian bride across the border between Belarus and Poland in a suitcase while riding on a train.

In this latter case, however, it was not considered to be illegal immigration as under the EU Schengen laws, his wife could merely have been seated quite safely next to him across the border.

[Photo: Ceuta CC by-SA 2.0 hiroo yamagata]