Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson Take To Twitter To Thank Fans Following Feud, Harry Styles One Direction Exit Rumors Emerge

Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson’s Twitter bust-up left many One Direction fans in turmoil, as it proved that there was bad blood in the group following Malik’s departure.

The two singers have looked to appease their fans by taking to their Twitter accounts following their little tiff to shower each and every one of them with love and adulation.

Malik, who had come in for some abuse from One Directioners during the duel simply because he was the one who left the group, was the first to take to his social media account. He tried to explain his side of the quarrel while also insisting that he cared deeply about every single fan of his music.

Tomlinson decided to send out his own message a couple of hours later, and while he didn’t make a reference to the spat, he wrote about how much the support of One Directioners means to him.

Unfortunately for One Direction fans, the fallout from Malik and Tomlinson’s dispute wasn’t quite over. That’s because Hollywood Life were quick to report that, according to their sources, Harry Styles is so downhearted by the fight between the pair that he’s considering leaving the group himself.

The aforementioned publication’s insider allegedly remarked, “To be honest, this kind of crap is the one thing that could push Harry out the door. He wants to be known for the music not childish fights. He has been committed to stay for at least one more album but would rather go on his own if these kinds of things continue.”

The entire debacle took place over a few hours on Wednesday after Naughty Boy uploaded an image of himself alongside Zayn Malik in a studio. Tomlinson then chimed in and made fun of the picture’s “Mac filter,” which led Naughty Boy to make disparaging comments about Tomlinson’s voice while the One Direction singer then accused the producer of only working with Malik to progress his career.

A few more vitriolic messages were sent back and forth by the duo before Malik chimed in with, “@Louis_Tomlinson remember when you had a life and stopped making b***hy comments about mine?”

Neither singer added anymore tweets in the quarrel after that, but that didn’t stop One Directioners across the globe from lamenting the decline of their friendship.

[Image via Favim]