Andy Cohen: I Had Sex With Lance Bass

Andy Cohen has revealed that the most famous person he’s had sex with is Lance Bass.

Cohen was being asked questions on Watch What Happens: Live by Sonja Morgan, and during their exchange the Real Housewives Of New York City star couldn’t help but probe about Cohen’s sex-life. After briefly squirming because of the question Cohen then composed himself and blurted out his answer.

“The most famous person I ever slept with I guess is… Lance Bass!”

Lance Brass previously admitted that he and Andy Cohen had exchanged a kiss during an interview with Sirius XM. However he insisted that it never went any further than the smooch, even though the pair had spent Valentine’s Day 2007 in the very romantic locale of a yacht, and had even been boozing all night.

“It was a nice little sunset kiss, very romantic. But obviously nothing went anywhere.”

Lance Bass and Andy Cohen’s late night dalliance didn’t blossom into anything preposterously serious though, because the former N’Sync singer ultimately went on to marry Michael Turchin in December.

While under further questioning from Morgan, Cohen also revealed that his celebrity crush of the day was Zac Efron, which he puts down to the fact that he’d just perused racy pictures of the actor on the internet. Meanwhile Cohen added that the most famous person he has in his phone is Madonna, while he also confessed that the last time he had sex was on Sunday.

You can check out Andy Cohen’s full interview with Sonja Morgan on Watch What Happens Live below.

[Image via Page Six]