Sweet Features You May Be Able To Expect From The Galaxy Note 5

New Features You May Be Able To Expect From The Galaxy Note 5

We all know the smartphone/tablet/phablet battle between Microsoft, Apple, and Google/Samsung has been pretty much non-stop since Samsung released the first Galaxy smartphone. (For those who don’t know, Samsung phones run on an operating system designed by Google.) With that sense of competition in mind, each company has been either playing catch-up with its devices or adding shiny new features that will hopefully make everyone want the respective company’s tablet or phone.

Each company has come up with some pretty cool ideas; one of the earlier Galaxy Note models introduced a “multi-tasking” mode that, for example, allowed users to take a street address from their email and then drag it to a map application in the background to get its precise location. Samsung was also one of the first to come up with a suite of health-related apps that could keep track of steps taken, breathing rate, and other important health statistics for the phone’s users.

For their part, Apple took the idea of health tracking apps one step further, launching a feature that actually compiles all the health-oriented information the phone collects into databases so that it can be used for medical research, so now the iPhone 6 could literally save lives(take that, other phone companies!). Although that seems like it could be the death blow to competitors, Galaxy Note phablets (phone plus tablet) are still coming up with some interesting ideas.

Know Your Mobile recently reported on five features the Galaxy Note 5 will have when it hits the store shelves. Some of these are probably less exciting than others (for example, the display being better probably isn’t a huge priority to most). But heavy phone users will be grateful for the larger processing power and huge amounts of battery reserves that Know Your Mobile says are coming.

The site mentioned that Samsung recently changed processors for its Galaxy S6, giving it a chip that’s super fast, doesn’t overheat easily, and is basically the most battery-friendly thing available on the market. According to the article, we could very well see that same chip in the Galaxy Note 5.

Okay, enough nerdy statistics — what will this thing actually do? The folks at Value Walk offered some of their ideas about what this device might be able to do, touting possible features like wireless charging and the ability to interact with virtual reality devices like Oculus Rift and Samsung’s own Galaxy Gear Virtual Reality technology. These features might sound a little like science fiction, but Google has already been experimenting with its own virtual reality application (called Cardboard) for Android devices, so we know that it’s possible.

The article goes on to suggest that we might also see a TouchID and Optical Scanning abilities in the new Galaxy Note. Apple has already included a FingerPrint sensor on some of its newer iPhone devices as a way to replace the traditional method of entering a password by hand, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Galaxy try to make this great leap forward with its next couple of devices.

Valuewalk also mentioned that we could see a 20-megapixel camera due to rumors surrounding the iPhone 7 debut that Apple is working on an amazing “periscope-style” camera with dual lens. If that’s true, it could force Samsung to come up with something equally revolutionary. Unfortunately, we may all have to wait to get these incredible features; the Galaxy Note 5 isn’t expected to be available in stores until September 2015 according to knowyourmobile.com.

[Photo Credit: UMPC Portal]