Did Britney Spears Fake Her Ankle Injury To Take A Break?

Did singer Britney Spears fake her ankle injury to take a break from her Las Vegas show?

According to Radar Online, sources claim that production insiders believe Spears’ injury might not be authentic after all.

Recovering from her ankle injury is the main reason why Britney Spears had to put off yet another scheduled performance at Planet Hollywood for her Britney Spears: Pieces of Me show.

There have been numerous shots of Britney Spears walking in pain with ankle support.

Britney Spears

However, according to the report, Britney may have appeared to be struggling with her ankle injury in those types of pictures simply because she was surrounded by paparazzi.

On the other hand, quite a few pictures of Britney Spears laughing and playing in the sand without any ankle support whatsoever also raised questions shortly after their release.

Britney Spears

Spears was reportedly enjoying a “Sunday fun day” with her family on the beach. She was spotted at times wearing her protective ankle brace. However, the pictures that seemed to circulate at the fastest rate online were the photos that did not include the ankle brace at all.

An inside source told Radar that the photos provide “even more proof that she is faking her injury.”

The reason why insiders seem to believe that Britney Spears faked her ankle injury primarily because of the apparently convenient timing of it all.

According to the report, Britney was not performing very well even before her on-stage fall, which led to the injury on April 29.

“Britney has not been giving 100 percent lately, even before this injury. She has been performing like she doesn’t even want to be there… Her dancers and her team always have her back. But this injury just seemed to come at a really convenient time for her.”

Recently, Britney Spears has been doing a lot of press in order to promote the release of her new single, “Pretty Girls,” featuring Iggy Azalea.

Earlier this week, Britney Spears was able to discuss the injury as well as what exactly happened on-stage that led to her fall in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

“I actually wasn’t doing anything that hard. I was just kind of bopping around… Plenty of shows and I’ve never actually fell on stage so it was really kind of embarrassing. I fell down and I got up and my dancers kind of guided me to keep going.”

According to TMZ, Britney Spears’ Las Vegas residency contract brings in $475,000 for each performance.

[Image Credit: Cosmopolitan UK]