Michigan Man Takes On Four Rottweilers To Save Boy

A Michigan construction boss took on four Rottweilers to save a boy. Kenneth Hansen has been hailed as hero for taking on the attacking dogs by both the media and the boy’s family.

The Michigan man was working in Gatriot County on a Riverdale area home when he heard a boy screaming in terror nearby. Kenneth Hansen jumped over a fence and found Ethan Nokes, 8, being attacked by four aggressive Rottweilers in a backyard.

During the Rottweiler attack, the dogs were reportedly biting the boy’s limbs and dragging his body to the ground.

“I could see the dogs and I could see a boy with all his clothes off and he was half red with blood and I knew he was in trouble,” the Michigan construction company boss said during an interview with local reporters. “I tried to keep my body between the dogs and him, and they were yanking on him trying to get him away from me. They were pulling on him in every direction. In another 30 seconds they would have torn him up.”

Once Hansen had maneuvered the four Rottweilers away from Ethan Nokes, he carried the bloody and crying child inside the home. Nokes was airlifted to the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids.

The Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital emergency medical team soon discovered the boy had been bitten 22 times by the four Rottweilers during the attack. In addition to the dog bites, Ethan Nokes also suffered multiples scratches, bruises, and a fractured leg. The Rottweiler attack victim is expected to make a full recovery.

“They were out to kill him, no question. If they hadn’t have been there, I would have one less son,” Doris Gifford, the boy’s mother, said after the Rottweiler attack. “I think that God put him [Kenneth Hansen] there for a reason I have absolute faith in that.”

Riverdale area police officers have launched an investigation into the Rottweiler attack. Ethan and his brother, Jordan, were reportedly playing with the dogs at their grandmother’s home when the animals turned violent. The Rottweilers have been captured and been placed under the supervision of local animal control officers. The four Rottweilers may ultimately be put down.

The identity of the four Rottweilers owner has not yet been released to the public. The owner may face criminal charges, according to the Gratiot County prosecutor’s office.

What do you think about the actions Michigan construction boss to save the boy from the attacking Rottweilers?

[Image via: Shutterstock.com]