Chris Soules Not Married: Wedding Band Photo A False Alarm

Chris Soules has said he wants his relationship with post-Bachelor fiance Whitney Bischoff to be private. Rumors swirled around the couple as every sign of a potential break up was reported. Soules has said they are handling the relationship like adults and are just not big social media people. Bischoff returned to her job in Chicago and spent time with her family on the anniversary of her mother’s passing instead of sitting in the audience while Soules wrapped up his time on Dancing with the Stars.

So might Chris and Whitney have skipped the televised Bachelor wedding in favor of something more intimate? Soules tweeted a photo Wednesday that, on the surface, just showed a farmer proud of his crop. The close-up shot of a hand focused on a bud of corn about to sprout. That hand seemed to have a wedding ring. It was enough for people to start saying maybe Whitney and Chris were way ahead of the gossip columnists and already husband and wife.

Some of our corn planted last Monday, just about to emerge. Looks good!

— Chris Soules (@souleschris) May 6, 2015

Alas, a source told E! News that although it may be a wedding ring, it is probably not Chris Soules’ hand. The source said when the photo was posted, Soules was in transit back from New York, where he was doing some post-Dancing with the Stars media appearances.

Chris Soules cleared things up himself by posting a new caption under the photo, as the Des Moines Register reported.

“Hey all… sorry for the confusion, it’s a friend’s hand. Not my hand, not my ring!”

Soules told Extra that his relationship with Bischoff is going strong. The busy couple have had commitments but plan to reconnect and build a life in Iowa. He spoke directly about the false rumors of their relationship’s demise.

“Everybody has something to talk about, whether it’s true or not. This is another one of those cases where she’s back in Chicago doing her thing, and she went to the Kentucky Derby, she’s living her life and we’re still together and everything is good.”

Whitney did indeed attend the Kentucky Derby with former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, who rejected Chris the season before he got his turn as The Bachelor.

Dancing with the Stars continues Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.

[Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff photo courtesy of Getty images]