Tiger Woods’ View On Sex And Relationships Revealed In ‘The Big Miss’

Tiger Woods is a sleazeball, at least that’s the point of view former Woods swing coach Hank Haney has decided to offer in his upcoming tell-all book The Big Miss.

At one point Haney says Wood proclaimed:

“There are some girls who are going to be after me even more now, especially the wild ones.

Then Woods smartened up a bit and noted:

“But what I learned is that for the rest of my life I can’t have sex with someone unless I genuinely feel something for them. If I do, I’m putting myself in jeopardy.”

Due out March 27 the book also paints Woods as a rude, self-center porn addict with an egomaniacs approach to life.

Haney claims that Tiger Woods laughed when Trey Parker and Matt Stone called his ex-wife Elin Nordegren a “stupid Swedish cow” and a “crazy bitch” on their hit Comedy Central show South Park. In fact Haney says Tiger Woods loved the positive and negative attention the media through his way, although he did once proclaim:

“God, the media is pounding me … They’re such vultures.”


Later in the book Hank Haney claims that he would force his friends to get up and leave the table during meals at restaurants if he finished his meal before they were done.

Hany also claims that Woods made Christian golfer Zach Johnson watch born in their shared hotel room to which Woods proclaimed: “It was so funny. … I got him pretty good.”

Do you thin Hank Haney is accurately portraying Tiger Woods or simply holding a grudge?

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