Tyga Admits He’s Dating Kylie Jenner: Will The Rapper Have to Face Jail Time?

Tyga has finally admitted that he’s dating Kylie Jenner. The 25-year-old rapper recently opened up about his illegal relationship with the 17-year-old reality star and model.

The couple’s illicit affair has received its share of criticism in the past year, especially for the huge age difference between the “Rack City” rapper and the youngest Jenner sister. She turns 18 on Aug. 10, but she’s still underage. The age of consent in California is 18. If Tyga is having an intimate relationship with Jenner, then he is breaking the law. The rapper could be hit with a statutory rape case now that everyone knows about their relationship.

According to a TMZ report, Tyga “doesn’t care” about their age difference or what the law says. The Kardashian-Jenner clan seems to support their relationship, so he believes there’s nothing for him to worry about. Tyga even told his friends that Kylie is “more mature than most adults.” He also reportedly said that he “doesn’t give a f*** about what the law says.”

The rapper, whose real name is Michael Nyguen-Stevenson, believes that the impressionable teen is “a millionaire who runs a company and even owns her own home.” Most fans know that Kris Jenner is the one who’s responsible for Kylie’s career and her millions.

Tyga insists there’s nothing “morally wrong” with a “mature 17-year-old dating a 25-year-old.” That hasn’t stopped fans from attacking him on his Instagram account, and accusing him of creeping on the Jenner teen and grooming her. Tyga has been pretty open about his relationship with the model in recent months. He just brought Kylie to his concert in California, even though she was banned from the 18+ event, as previously reported on the Inquisitr.

Law enforcement told TMZ that they would investigate Tyga’s statutory rape case unless someone complains about their relationship, even if that relationship is widely known in the media. Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner don’t seem to mind, along with Kylie’s oldest brothers and sisters on both sides.

Tyga could face some serious jail time for another incident. The rapper owes $100,000 in rent and could get himself arrested if he doesn’t pay up anytime soon. Perez Hilton says that Tyga owed $90,000 for a house he rented in 2010. At a L.A. Gear event, Tyga was served legal papers that demanded he was to report to a court hearing over the money he owes.

Tyga never showed up at the hearing. Instead, he sent a $1,090 check to smooth things over and help pay for the legal fees. It turns out that the check bounced. Now the landlord is demanding that the rapper pays him $124,000. He’ll also issue an arrest warrant if Tyga doesn’t make an appearance in court this time around.

Tyga called out TMZ for reporting the story in the first place. In a series of tweets, he claims that he’s got sued simply because he’s “famous,” not because he rented a house six years ago.

Some would say there’s something fishy in the Kylie Jenner-Tyga relationship. Hopefully the rapper isn’t dating the impressionable teen because she has money and he’s dealing with financial issues. Most fans think that Kylie and Tyga made an odd couple, age difference or not.

What are your thoughts on Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship now that he has come clean about it?

[Image: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for GQ]