Jennifer Lopez Taking On Silicon Valley Next?

She’s known as a dancer, singer, actress, and style icon, especially after the recent Met Gala, but is Jennifer Lopez now ready to take on the technology industry?

Lopez spoke on Wednesday to the National Venture Capital Association in San Francisco about the success of her brand and just where she wants to take it next, and you just might not believe it.

Lopez made a “sales pitch,” according to Fortune, beginning by saying, “I feel like these worlds are so merged over the past few years.”

So what exactly is Lopez thinking?

While Lopez didn’t share any specific ideas at the conference, she admitted “her idea is to create a $1 billion business empire that goes beyond the usual stuff of celebrity to include the burgeoning tech industry.”

All of this left experts to guess just what Jenny from the Block might be thinking, and they believe her latest venture “could include mobile gaming and e-commerce along with some sort of music and video streaming or production business.”

Lopez added that it is her dream to “build something that’s never been done before,” which just might be hard for the 45-year-old Lopez to do.

Lopez has not only multiple hit albums and movies, but a movie production company, cosmetics endorsements, and a popular clothing line for Kohls.

Speaking with possible investors at the conference, Lopez shared why her brand has been so successful.

As seen on the Wall Street Journal, Lopez said, “Successful brands need to be authentic… I’ll always be Jenny from the block, and I love that.”

Lopez also shared how her latest fitness adventure, BodyLab, has been doing so well, saying, “Successful brands also convey emotion.”

It is this “track record of success” that would make Lopez a great investment, with Fortune explaining that “as a company, Lopez, is far more profitable than the money-losing tech startups that venture capitalists in the room typically invest in.”

Although Lopez is often recognized and known for her fashion and style, it was clear on Wednesday that as she made her sales pitch to possible investors, “Lopez came across as a sharp ambitious businesswoman who is well aware of her brand.”

Lopez seems to have the golden touch, so it almost seems like a natural choice in today’s world to move into the technology industry. Whatever she does, it’s sure to be a success because, as Jennifer Lopez admitted, “I bring a different spark.”

[Photo Courtesy of Billboard]