Is Kayla Roush Caring For Leah Messer’s Children? Plus, Did She Share A Photo Of Her Trip To Rehab?

Kayla Roush appears to be caring for Leah Messer’s children, as the Teen Mom 2 star is reportedly in rehab addressing an alleged addiction to prescription pills. On May 6, two photos were posted to Leah Messer’s Facebook fan page, which included Kayla Roush with Messer’s twin girls, Ali and Aleeah.

Although there was no caption to the photos, they could be a major hint in regard to Messer’s personal life. Kayla Roush no longer lives in West Virginia, where the reality star resides, so the fact that arrived back in town just as Messer reportedly checked into treatment appears to hint that rumors are true.

In addition to that, Kayla Roush seemingly posted a photo of Messer driving to rehab — or to a nearby airport.

On May 2, Kayla Roush posted a message with fans on Facebook, telling her “soul mate” Messer she was proud of her, and sharing a photo of the two of them in a vehicle with a suitcase in the back seat.

“So proud of you. I love you forever. 23 years of the most insane friendship.”

While Kayla Roush didn’t say what exactly she was proud of, it’s hard not to speculate the possibilty of her supporting Messer in her journey to rehab, which reportedly began the following day — especially considering the suitcase in the back seat!

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Messer was said to have checked into rehab on May 3, according to an In Touch Weekly source. Yesterday, the magazine claimed, via Radar Online, that Messer was in an undisclosed treatment facility, where she was expected to remain for one month.

Still, Messer’s family, and best friend Kayla Roush, have remained mum on her alleged stint. In fact, Messer’s mother, Dawn Spears, denied Messer was planning to go to rehab on Twitter last month. Below is what she told fans:

“TRUE FANS listen up. Leah is NOT going to rehab lol. This is Momma Dawn and I 100% ASSURE you that Leah is NOT going to a DRUG REHAB. Lots of LOVE to the true fans. all will come out on the upcoming show about Leah Dawn Calvert, Jeremy, Corey,Miranda, and the babies. But rest assure I HATE drugs don’t want association with them and wouldn’t NEVER Condone them. Love ALL have a good night Momma Dawn.”

Teen Mom 2 season 6 premieres on July 9 at 10 p.m., and will likely include Kayla Roush, as previous seasons have.

[Photo via Facebook]