Cavs Domestic Violence ‘All In’ Video: Woman In Chicago Bulls T-Shirt Gets Thrown To Floor By Her Cleveland Cavaliers-Loving Boyfriend [Video]

time of my life

This really weird video called “Time of My Life” (posted below) from YouTube is certainly causing controversy. In the video, a woman can be seen wearing an apron and dancing along to the famous song from Dirty Dancing with her boyfriend — who dons his “All In” Cleveland Cavaliers T-shirt. Once she removes her apron to reveal a Chicago Bulls T-shirt and runs full steam ahead at him to recreate the famous lift-her-in-the-air scene from the movie, the boyfriend lifts her and tosses her to the ground.

After the Chicago Bulls-loving woman has been converted to a Cleveland Cavaliers fan and nurses her hurting head with an ice pack while they both sit on the couch wearing Cavs T-shirts, the boyfriend explains his reasoning for the abuse.

“I thought you were all in?” he asks.

“I am now,” she replies.

In light of domestic violence issues that have plagued the NBA and NFL in the news over the years, it’s surprising that such a spot would be approved by anyone, reports the National Post. The Cavs promo video was shown on Wednesday evening in Cleveland when the Cavaliers beat the Chicago Bulls in Game 2 by a blow-out score. It was the second game of the Cavs versus Bulls NBA playoff series, and the arena operations team displayed the commercial for the crowd in attendance. Folks on Twitter are calling the promo video strange, and although it has been deleted from certain YouTube accounts, others have picked up the video that’s going viral.

The silly attempt at humor is being met with backlash.

“When it’s playoff basketball time, you have to be all in, so don’t make the same mistake she made.”

The Cavs video is causing folks to wonder how it made it past the powers that be to be shown in public, as reported by the New York Daily News. The publication calls the Cavs “All In” playoffs video tone deaf because of the Cavaliers fan body-slamming his Chicago Bulls fan of a girlfriend to the floor.

The Cavs clip is a parody of a United Healthcare parody of the famous Dirty Dancing scene, but the crucial difference is that the health spot didn’t feature a man intentionally slamming his woman to the ground.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the Cavs game #4 against the Boston Celtics was certainly a physical one, with Tristan Thompson landing on a row of folks as Perkins and Crowder fought one another and J.R. Smith was ejected.

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