Lacey Parker: Girl With Down Syndrome Makes Cheer Squad, Her Response Goes Viral [Video]

For many little girls, becoming a school cheerleader is a big dream. And 5th grader Lacey Parker, of Stonewall, Louisiana, is no different. The little girl watched her big sisters cheer their way through school, and so it seemed natural that Lacey herself would want to cheer.

But Lacey was born with Down syndrome. In fact, at her birth, doctors did not expect Lacey to live 10 days — but now, at 10-years-old, a determined Lacey wanted to try out for her school’s cheer team.

Renee Parker, Lacey’s mom, explained that both the principal and the cheer coach were encouraging Lacey to try out for the team, and so Lacey’s parents let her.

Last Friday, the names of the students who made the cheer team at North DeSoto Middle School were posted online, and Lacey Parker’s name was among the girls who earned the coveted position. Lacey’s family made sure they had the video camera rolling when Lacey found out the news.

The video captured Lacey’s joy and excitement perfectly.

“I’m a cheerleader!” the exuberant little girl screamed.

Renee posted the video of her daughter’s reaction to becoming a cheerleader on her Facebook page, and the video quickly went viral, reaching millions of people.

“It’s just so amazing that one little girl has touched so many people by achieving her dream,” said Renee.

But that’s exactly why so many people have watched Lacey’s reaction to her achievement. The look of stunned joy on her face as she checks the result and looks straight at the camera and says, “I made it!” perfectly captures the moment. Lacey’s reaction is nothing short of infectious.

“Down syndrome is a label, it’s not who she is. She’s an amazing little girl who strives to do whatever she wants to do,” said Renee Parker.

“Thank you for making comments on my video,” said Lacey, a video which now has more than 3.5 million views since being posted.

“It’s funny because it’s just one little girl, one little video,” Renee said, adding that her daughter is truly loved at her school.

As for Lacey, cheerleader for her school in Louisiana, just like her big sisters before her, she has a few more things on her “to-do” list. Next up, she says, is getting her driver’s license one day. Her car of choice? A black Mustang.

Another little girl with Down syndrome is part of her school’s cheer squad, and unfortunately found herself the victim of bullying. But the reaction of the team of basketball players she cheered for will warm your heart. For more on that story, click here.

Watch Lacey’s joyous reaction in the video below.

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