‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Sequel: Jamie Dornan Going Totally Naked In ‘Fifty Shades Darker?’

Fifty Shades of Grey Sequel: Jamie Dornan Going Totally Naked?

Fifty Shades of Grey fans are dying to know any details about the sequel Fifty Shades Darker, and a new report suggest that Christian Grey himself, Jamie Dornan, may be showing more skin than ever before in the new movie.

According to Hollywood Life, Jamie Dornan has been offered a lot of money to do full frontal nudity in Fifty Shades Darker. The actor bared a lot of his body in the first film, but it was Dakota Johnson who really stepped outside the box with her nude scenes. This time around it could be Dornan’s turn to show some skin, and many fans are hoping he’ll consider doing it.

Sources tell Star Magazine that Jamie Dornan could get a bonus of $1.5 million on top of his already huge salary if he will show even more in the next movie.

“They’re offering Jamie a bonus of $1.5 million to do a full-frontal scene in Fifty Shades Darker. That’s just a starting figure. Jamie would be crazy not to consider it.”

However, if Dornan does have some reservations about going full frontal on the big screen, the producers are assuring the actor that it will be done tastefully and that he’ll have some control over the situation.

“They have assured Jamie that it won’t be overt but more of a brief tease – and he’ll have some creative control over how it’s handled.”

Fortunately for Jamie Dornan, Fifty Shades Darker isn’t set to hit theaters until February of 2017, so he’ll have some time to weigh his options before making a concrete decision about whether or not to go full naked in the sequel. Besides, Jamie’s wife Amelia may have something to say about her man showing too much to his adoring fans.

It seems that producers think it’s essential to the story, which is very sex driven, for Christian Grey to be totally comfortable naked. Christina is a character that is both extremely confident and shockingly vulnerable, at least when it comes to his love Anastasia Steele. So for fans to see him in all his glory could be important to the character’s depth.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, besides the sex, the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel will be much different than the first movie. Fans who have read the book series know what’s coming, and it’s very dramatic. Fifty Shades Darker will be much more of a thriller than a love story, but will still have all the steamy love scenes that made the story popular.

What are your thoughts on Jamie Dornan possibly going full frontal in the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel?

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