WWE News: Huge Heel Turn Coming At ‘WWE Payback’ For Dean Ambrose Or Roman Reigns?

In the middle of WWE Raw on Monday, Dean Ambrose took on Seth Rollins, the current WWE World Heavyweight champion. Earlier in the night, the match received an interesting stipulation. Kane, the director of operations, said that if Ambrose were to defeat Rollins, then he would be added to the Triple Threat match with Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and Rollins at WWE Payback.

After a fantastic 15-minute match, Ambrose connected on the roll-up pin and defeated Rollins for the victory. Therefore, Dean Ambrose made the match a Fatal Four Way for the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

When it’s all said and done, odds are there will be a new WWE World Heavyweight champion at WWE Payback. With three huge babyfaces and one monster heel, it’s only fitting that Rollins has the best chance going into the match. One way that’s being rumored is a new report that will shock the entire WWE Universe.

According to the Daily Wrestling News, a heel turn is coming for a WWE superstar. Evidently, it’s being linked to two WWE number one contenders in the WWE Payback title match.

“It’s interesting that WWE is putting all of the former Shield members in a main event already as that was first discussed as a potential WrestleMania 32 idea.

“On a related note, Sunday’s Fatal 4 Way match gives WWE the chance to turn Ambrose and Reigns on Orton. The company is lacking in credible heels but they do have new babyfaces that they could be pushing.”

The report also says the addition of Dean Ambrose to the WWE title match was a last-minute decision. It’s also possible that it was planned and not executed until now. Cable TV ads were still advertising the match as a Triple Threat, and not a Fatal Four Way. If anyone will turn heel at WWE Payback, it will be Ambrose.

In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Ambrose is said to be getting a major push soon. There’s no indication whether the former U.S. champion will be pushed as a heel or face, but Ambrose is the second-biggest babyface in the WWE. Without Daniel Bryan, Ambrose is right below John Cena’s level of popularity.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Roman Reigns is now back down to earth after his major push towards WrestleMania 31. Since the WWE Universe turned on him immensely, the one thing that can get Reigns over is a heel turn. However, according to analysts, he’s the biggest threat to the Authority.

If the WWE doesn’t want to turn Reigns heel, then having defeat the Authority is the best option. He won’t be Stone Cold Steve Austin, but he’ll do it his way. The WWE understands that Reigns is getting over organically, which is what the WWE fans wanted all along.

[Image via wwe.com]