Oklahoma City Tornadoes Injure 12, Cause Flooding, Texas And Kansas Tornado Causes No Deaths

Oklahoma City tornadoes ripped through the area, bringing flooding and destruction. At least 12 people were injured by the Oklahoma tornado, but fortunately there have not been any deaths caused by the tornadoes that hit Texas, Kansas, and Nebraska.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, an incredible video shows a storm in Louisiana knocking train cars off of a bridge with its violent winds.

Areas near the Oklahoma City tornadoes seemed to have been the hardest hit. A twister destroyed multiple homes in Grady County, which is southwest of the city. Grady County Emergency Management Director Dale Thompson said about 10 homes were destroyed in Amber and 25 were destroyed in Bridge Creek.

It appears a second tornado also touched down late Wednesday evening.

“We do strongly think there was a tornado on the south side of Oklahoma City,” meteorologist Michael Scotten said.

According to KSL, Oklahoma City spokeswoman Kristy Yager said the rainfall generated by the Oklahoma City tornadoes prompted city officials to issue a flash flood emergency for the first time in its history. Flooding might be possible since the National Weather Service said five to eight inches of rain fell in the area. To put the flood warning in perspective, the previous record for rainfall was 2.61 inches and a measurement of 7.1 inches was taken at the Oklahoma City airport.

Unfortunately, we have probably not seen the last of the Oklahoma City tornadoes in the short term. The Storm Prediction Center has warned that bad weather may come to Tornado Alley and more storms are possible later in this week.

“People just really need to stay weather aware, have a plan and understand that severe storms are possible across portions of the southern Plains almost daily through Saturday,” meteorologist Jonathan Kurtz said.

According to NBC News, there were at least nine reports of a Kansas tornado, with the strongest winds being seen in the sparsely populated northern section of the state.

“That included a large tornado near the tiny town of Republic just south of the Nebraska state line, where some homes were damaged. In Harvey County, a tornado destroyed a hog barn and damaged trees, according to the National Weather Service.”

It is believed the 2015 tornado season may generate more tornadoes, but so far there have been no reports of injuries or deaths in Texas, Kansas, or Nebraska.

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