Love Life Details Revealed: ‘RHONY’ Bethenny Frankel Confirms She’s ‘Dating’

The love life of a Real Housewives star has been exposed!

Bethenny Frankel recently confirmed she’s actively dating, but unfortunately for the Real Housewives of New York City star, not much is happening in the bedroom. During a May 7 interview with Us Weekly, Frankel opened up about her love life.

“I’m actively dating but not sexually active.”

Frankel went on to explain that her love life may be more active if she branched out, and began dating other ethnicities.

“I would make out with Drake. I think I need to date someone who’s African-American. I just think I need to broaden my resume.”

For the last several years, the love life of Frankel has been the target of much speculation. For years on The Real Housewives of New York City‘s earlier seasons, Frankel was seen dating, but didn’t find Mr. Right, or at least who she thought was Mr. Right, until season three, when she began seeing Jason Hoppy.

Following an engagement and pregnancy, Frankel went on to share intimate moments of her love life with Hoppy on Bethenny Getting Married, and later, Bethenny Ever After. Months after the series wrapped, however, Frankel’s love life came to an abrupt end when she filed for divorce. Since then, Frankel and Hoppy have been locked in a messy court battle over their marital assets, including their renovated Tribecca home.

Although Frankel did have a brief romance with Michael “Mac” Cerussi, which ended earlier this year, her love life has been seemingly non-existent in the months since.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Frankel spoke of her love life earlier this week, as well. During an interview with Haute Living, via The Daily Dish, Frankel said she doesn’t necessarily suck while in relationships, but admitted she isn’t the best at choosing the right person. She also revealed what not to do.

“I don’t think that I actually suck when I’m in a relationship, but I think that I haven’t gone with my gut enough. I’ve made decisions out of fear, which is the biggest mistake people can make. You have to make decisions out of truth.”

“Don’t medicate by drinking too much, eating too much, or putting your face in a pint full of ice cream. Go out, be confident, look good, try to feel good, and don’t beat yourself up and do things that are self-destructive. Don’t text and call and drink and obsess—it’s so hard. I really think that you should process and go through it.”

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