Muslim Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary Clashes With Fox’s Hannity Over Mohammed Cartoonist Pamela Geller

Fox News analyst Sean Hannity and Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary got into a shouting match Wednesday, along with cartoonist and free speech advocate Pamela Geller, over Geller’s cartoon contest last weekend that sparked a shooting, Raw Story is reporting.

“You want to kill her. You want her to die.”

Last weekend, cartoonist Pamela Geller hosted an art exhibit in which exhibitors showed their drawings of Mohammed, Islam’s prophet, according to this Inquisitr report. Some Muslims — including Anjem Choudary — consider this an insult to both Mohammed and to Islam, and believe it’s a crime deserving of death. In fact, two men, believed to have ties to the terrorist group ISIS, opened fire at the event. An off-duty cop suffered minor injuries while the two gunmen were both shot and killed.

British Islamic cleric Anjem Choudary, who has been a frequent guest of Hannity, came on the show to “discuss” the shooting, as well as his views on the Mohammed cartoonist herself.

“She should be put before a Sharia court and tried and found guilty. Of course, she would face capital punishment.”

Geller responded, “To blame me and say that my cartoons are controversial… murdering cartoonists is controversial.”

When Hannity tried to remind Choudary that the Mohammed cartoonist is not Muslim and is not bound by Islamic law, the Imam wasn’t buying it, saying that she should “know the consequences.”

Eventually, the interview devolved into a shouting match, with Geller telling Choudray, “I know you’re used to stepping on women,” Choudray shouting about the U.S. “murdering innocent people,” and Hannity calling the Imam “evil and pathetic.”

Choudray has spoken in the past in favor of killing people who draw Mohammed. Speaking after the deadly Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, Choudray said that people who would draw Mohammed “know the consequences” and should expect death.

“Muslims consider the honor of the Prophet Muhammad to be dearer to them than that of their parents or even themselves. To defend it is considered to be an obligation upon them.”

Pamela Geller, meanwhile, has found critics of her actions outside of Islam. Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project called the Mohammed cartoonist a “well-known hater” and took Hannity to task for giving her, and Choudary, a platform.

“Ms. Geller and Mr. Choudary represent nothing more than an extreme political fringe. Their divisive behavior is made even worse by the fact that Ms. Geller is now positioning herself to be a defender of free speech, while Mr. Choudary is purporting to speak on behalf of all Muslims.”

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