Carrie Underwood: ‘Lame’ Selfie Post Shows Success Of Post-Baby Vegan Weight Loss Plan [Video]

Carrie Underwood posted a what she called a “lame” selfie that revealed just how successfully the country music queen has restored her pre-baby body. After proudly announcing the birth of Isaiah two months ago, Carrie is learning to make time for both her son and her husband, Mike Fisher, reported Fox News.

As part of her new focus on family, Underwood attended a rock concert, cheered at a hockey game, and as shown in her latest selfie, just relaxed on a summer-themed beach towel.

“Vacation selfie #IKnowImLame,” she wrote.

Carrie will be on the road again in about two months. Meanwhile, she’s teaching her little boy to enjoy music, according to her social media shares.

“Played some of the new music this morning for little Isaiah and he smiled from ear to ear the whole time,” tweeted Carrie proudly. “I think we’re on the right track!”

As for losing weight after her baby’s birth, Underwood has been a vegan for years but allowed herself to indulge in non-vegan cravings during her pregnancy, reported Entertainment Tonight.

“I think because I am pregnant, I allow myself to eat things I normally don’t eat,” admitted Carrie.

In addition, when she’s on tour, following a vegan diet is challenging, and being pregnant made it even more of a problem.

“I have been a little more vegetarian than vegan especially with traveling, so it’s a little hard to order food from hotels and stuff when you’re vegan,” she revealed. “Now I’m pregnant, it’s like, I can’t just order steamed broccoli. That’s not going to cut it. I’ve modified a little bit, but I think I’ve stayed pretty normal.”

However, now that the baby is born, Carrie can return to her regular healthy vegan diet. In addition, she makes time to work out.

“Doing something, hiking, going for a run, lifting weights, boxing, doing things like that. It makes me feel good. It is great to do something for me, and that is something for me. I think that women should make time. A little time, 20 minutes, 30 minutes.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Beyonce also used a vegan diet and fitness program to lose her own post-baby pounds.

Her trainer, Marco Borges, has developed the 22-Day Revolution vegan food plan. He clarified that he views it as a lifestyle.

“It’s not a diet but rather a way of life which starts with habit formation over 22 days. With most diets you see weight loss and then as soon as the program ends the weight slowly starts to add back up again. With The 22-Day Revolution you’ll experience weight loss, improved sleep, clear skin, increased energy, improved sex drive and more.”

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Samsung]