CW’s ‘iZombie’: The Zombie Detective Show Finds Out Early Whether It Rises Again For Season Two

Chris Roberson and Michael Allred

iZombie, the latest comic book adaptation from the CW initially rolled out to mixed reviews. However, the Inquisitr did report in April that the demo numbers suggested that new zombie TV show had officially secured a second season on the unofficial comic book adaptation hub the CW. Well, apparently, the numbers were correct. Comicbook reports that the CW’s zombie entry will be returning from the dead for season two.

The DC/Vertigo Comics zombie detective was merely brought on board as a midseason replacement show, but has earned its stripes as a the newest comic book adaptation to look out for. iZombie premiered on CW at the crossroads of zombie and comic book popularity, presumably, CW picked up on this and brought the Rose McIver led series.

It stars Liv Moore (Rose McIver), a recently infected medical resident who takes up a job in coroner’s office, so she find sustenance more easily. The show has branched out into supernatural detective comedy, with Liv Moore picking up memories and personality from those she eats, thus finding out how they died. Also, there is a potential zombie apocalypse sub-plot. Obviously, if there is zombies, an apocalypse has to show up at some point.

iZombie faced mixed reviews when it first aired, as fans of the Vertigo comics series have criticized it for not following the comic books themselves. The CW iZombie differs in a few different aspects. The Vertigo Comics iZombie synopsis has Liv Moore as Gwen Dylan, and the differences continue from there.

“Gwen can pass for a regular girl, but she needs to eat a brain once a month to keep from losing her memories and intelligence. As a gravedigger, she has plenty of access to recently deceased people; when she consumes their brains she “inherits” part of the deceased’s thoughts.”

It does not appear to have reached the level of popularity as its zombie TV show counterpart the Walking Dead, but it is also not even halfway through its first season. CW iZombie creators Chris Roberson and Michael Allred used to work on the popular show Veronica Mars, and many viewers have drawn comparisons between the two shows. As Deadline reported, iZombie joins its fellow CW comic book adaptations Arrow and The Flash, in the series renewal category.

So, where the show goes from here is unknown. The comic book veers off into the great beyond of ghosts and werewolves. Though iZombie so far appears to be a breath of fresh air into slightly stagnant zombie genre, it would certainly separate itself from the likes of the Walking Dead if it borrowed some other elements from its source material.

[Image Via Creative Commons/CW]