Louis Tomlinson Is Not A Man? Flips Off Cameras, ‘Bleary-Eyed’, Twitter Wars

Is it possible that Louis Tomlinson is cracking up? It is easy to speculate this about Louis Tomlinson these days — but if you had to put up with the press recording your every move, maybe you would feel mentally-uncentered as well.

No matter which recent headline you choose, it spells out that Louis Tomlinson is expressing himself in a rather angry way over the first week of May. In addition to an alleged Twitter war with Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson has also been slinking around Los Angeles — and the press says he is showing a darker side of his personality.

How bad is the Twitter war between Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik? According to People Magazine, on May 6, Zayn Malik tweeted to Louis Tomlinson, “Remember when you had a life and stopped making b****y comments about mine?”

In Louis Tomlinson’s defense, it appears to be Naughty Boy’s fault. Naughty Boy tweeted an incendiary message the first week of May that showed a pic of him and Zayn Malik with “replace this” — insinuating One Direction can never replace Zayn. Ouch!

Of course, many fans on Twitter are angry, and the wish to get Twitter to delete Naughty Boy’s account continues.

In the meantime, its pretty clear that, like most people, this kind of negative interaction has taken its toll on Louis Tomlinson. Unfortunately, other headlines outside of the Twitter war with Naughty Boy and Zayn Malik show Louis Tomlinson as a wild man out on the town in Los Angeles.

On May 5, Hollywood Reporter acquired photos of Louis Tomlinson having a fun night out on the town. In one of the photos, Louis Tomlinson gives the cameraman “the bird” while smiling.

Paparazzi on the scene also indicated that Louis Tomlinson was “leaving Hollywood’s Argyle Club with a group of girls.” (Note from the author: Louis Tomlinson is 23, so clearly he was not flirting with “girls” — he was with women).

Despite this, Louis Tomlinson might not have time for the ladies. While in Los Angeles, Louis Tomlinson will be working on the next One Direction album that will be released around the December holidays.

Alternatively, the British press had a different take on Louis Tomlinson’s night out on the town on May 5. They seem to think that the only reason Louis Tomlinson is in Los Angeles is to meet women and get hammered. The Daily Mail U.K. headline reads, “Up All Night again? Louis Tomlinson looks bleary-eyed as he leaves Los Angeles club with group of girls.”

Is Louis Tomlinson up to no good? From the way this article by the Daily Mail U.K. reads, its like they are always expecting the worst out of Louis Tomlinson — no matter what. For example, they bring up the fact that Louis Tomlinson might have been smoking marijuana recreationally in London in April, and they state the following.

“Celebrating his single status, the heartthrob invited a group of female guests back to his suite at London’s Soho hotel last month after partying at Cirque Le Soir nightclub, where the group reportedly passed around a suspicious rolled up joint.”

Could Louis Tomlinson’s bad headlines be another example of a One Direction member being singled out for problems they do not actually have? After all, it was not so long ago that Liam Payne felt he was unjustly accused of drinking too much in an opinion piece. Could it be that the press is being too judgmental of Louis Tomlinson?

For now, we can expect Louis Tomlinson to enjoy his free time in Hollywood when he is not working on the album. Clearly, he has a lot of legitimate reasons to be angry lately, and blowing off some steam by going to a club to hang out with friends is normal for him. As far as the public is concerned, Louis Tomlinson is being responsible about his use of intoxicants — and not getting behind the wheel of a vehicle or causing drama for the police.

In conclusion, as Liam Payne said in the recent past, the press judges members of One Direction in a way that is extreme. Liam Payne stated “I don’t drink anymore than a [university] student my age so don’t treat me like I’m any different to a normal boy my age.”

In my opinion, the press still sees Louis Tomlinson (and other members of One Direction) as the teen boy that won their hearts in 2010 — but he’s obvious a grown man now.

While these seem to be dismal times for fans of Louis Tomlinson that are looking for positivity, there is one bright spot that could dominate the headlines about Louis Tomlinson soon. That good news is that Liam Payne is also in Los Angeles! This means the paparazzi are not far behind — and new photos of Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne could appear soon.

[Feature image via Getty Images.]