Video Captures Nurse Repeatedly Punching A Newborn Baby Girl

A nurse caught on surveillance video admitted she repeatedly beat a newborn baby to stop her from crying. Emiliya Kovacheva is charged with attempted murder of a four-day-old newborn baby girl, called Nicole.

The nurse is currently under arrest after inflicting grievous bodily harm on a newborn baby. Nicole, an infant girl, was being kept under observation at Sofia Med hospital. Emiliya Kovacheva was employed as a nurse to care for newborn babies at the hospital.

On April 18, while Kovacheva was working a twenty-four hour night shift, CCTV surveillance footage captured the midwife Kovacheva entering a room and caressing some of the babies.

A short time later, Kovacheva was caught on camera repeatedly hitting little Nicole using her hands and a glass bottle.

Emiliya Kovacheva Captured On Video
Horrific video shows nurse savagely battering and biting four-day-old baby. (Photo via CEN)

The nurse hit tiny Nicole on the head a number of times with a clenched fist.

The CCTV footage shockingly revealed Emiliya Kovacheva strangling the infant girl. as well.

Coverage of this heart wrenching and sad story by Mirror said the prosecuting attorney alleges Kovacheva was so frustrated with young Nicole for crying and not going to sleep she punished the newborn for waking up the other babies.

The horrific attack on Nicole is considered so brutal some people feared the young child would not survive. In addition, the infant suffered injuries so severe that others believed the baby could have brain damage.

The defense attorney for Emiliya Kovacheva wants the charges against the nurse changed to inflicting grievous bodily harm. However, if Emiliya is found guilty of attempted murder, she could face up to 20 years in jail.

Nurse Emiliya Kovacheva
Sofia Med hospital nurse Emiliya Kovacheva (Photo via CEN)

Sofia Med hospital spokesperson, Boriana Marinkova said, "The most important thing for a child's parents is to see how the baby will recover, other things are not so important."

Many people are outraged by the actions of nurse Kovacheva. After viewing the disturbing video of the nurse manhandling young Nicole, some individuals want the woman to get the death penalty.

Kovacheva repeatedly shook, slapped and punched poor little Nicole.

Mirror provided one person's online comments condemning the entire shocking incident.

"This video was so disturbing I haven't been able to get the images out of my mind since I saw them. I've never seen anything so horrific. I say if you're that stressed and feel you've reached your breaking point, then leave the building, go stay with a friend, call someone who cares! My heart goes out to the parent of this baby. I pray she doesn't suffer any brain damage."
Little Nicole was moved to Tokuda hospital and is recovering from her injuries. So far, doctors report the abuse the young infant received from nurse Emiliya Kovacheva have not led to any apparent mental or physical impairment.

[Featured image via CEN]