Sandra Bullock’s Stalker Pleads Not Guilty: ‘Really Thought He Was Married’ To Actress

Hollywood celebrities have always been targets for stalkers. Most of them are completely harmless while others can be quite threatening, like Sandra Bullock’s stalker Joshua Corbett. Last June 2014, Corbett invaded the actress’ residence and now, in his recent trial, he pleads not guilty to stalking Bullock.

On Wednesday, Corbett made his first court appearance before a Los Angeles judge. During the proceedings, he pleaded not guilty to more than two dozen charges that were raised against him. Apparently, Bullock’s stalker has a vast collection of criminal charges which include stalking, first-degree burglary, possession of a machine gun, and a possession of an assault weapon. Throughout the session, Corbett has remained silent as his legal representatives made his plea.

According to Corbett’s attorney, his client did not have any intentions to hurt the actress. He came into the house without any weapons thinking that he was really married to Bullock. Lawyer Steve Sitkoff explained, “It was a delusion, but he doesn’t think that anymore.”

He pointed out that his client was not a criminal but rather a mentally disturbed individual who needs medical care for his condition. “He’s mentally disturbed. He’s getting some help in jail, but he’s not getting the kind of help he can get,” Sitkoff said.

Everything looks pretty bad for his client but Corbett’s attorney is optimistic. He related, “Corbett never intended to hurt Miss Bullock and we’re going to show that.”

Despite the lawyer’s defense, there is no doubt that Bullock was deeply disturbed by her encounter with Corbett. During the preliminary hearing held last April, a recording of her 15-minute 911 call was played, exposing how the actress panicked when Corbett illegally entered her Beverly Hills home.

The 911 call, which was placed June 8, 2014, revealed that Bullock locked herself inside her bedroom closet for protection. From there, she called up the authorities to report the alleged intruder.

In the call, a scared Bullock reported, “Someone has broken into my house. I’m hiding in the closet. I’m locked in my closet. I have a safe door in my bedroom, and I’ve locked it, and I’m locked in the closet right now.” Just by her words, it is obvious that the actress was truly distressed.

What’s even more distressing is after Corbett’s arrest, the police found a cache of illegal weapons in his Montrose, California home. There they found the said machine gun and assault weapon.

Bullock’s stalker is currently being held on bail. If convicted, he is facing 20 years of imprisonment.

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