Lana Del Rey Tour Begins With Haters, Drama: James Franco Nabs Courtney Love

Lana Del Rey begins her Endless Summer tour on May 7, and the headlines are full of surprises from her. However, introducing new music on her tour is not the only big news about Lana Del Rey. Unfortunately, there is a lot of drama looming for Lana Del Rey — but it is not necessarily her fault.

On Facebook, fans are getting excited, and many have been quick to post a picture of what they say is Lana Del Rey’s Endless Summer set list. Nevertheless, this information has not been officially confirmed and is still a rumor.

What is official is that Lana Del Rey will begin her tour in The Woodlands outside of Houston, Texas on Thursday — but there may be trouble in store in Dallas on Saturday. As it appears, local publications are telling Lana Del Rey fans to prepare for disappointment on her second tour date because it might rain.

Dallas Magazine states, “Saturday, in particular, is jam-packed, with a trifecta of outdoor shows featuring Spoon, De La Soul, and Lana Del Rey, respectively. Do whatever the opposite of a rain dance (a drought dance?) is ahead of the weekend: It would be a shame of the highest order if music fans on Saturday were forced to shake their fists at a cloudy sky and curse the rain as thunderstorms forced some kind of pain-in-the-neck rescheduling of shows.”

As for Houston, music writers in the area are expecting some Lana Del Rey concert-goers to bring their venom. The Houston Press stated the following.

“This is already one of the most talked-about concerts of 2015, for all the wrong reasons. Two of the most controversial pop singers of the past 20 years, both Lana Del Rey and Courtney Love have more than their fair share of haters, as well as a special talent for p****** those haters off (especially those who work in the media)…”

While it might appear that Lana Del Rey’s Houston fans might have to stand up for her during her own concert, it is obvious from Twitter posts that true fans will likely outnumber the “haters.”

On the horizon, as always, is the speculations about romance between Lana Del Rey and James Franco. Despite this, it is more realistic to think that James Franco will cast Lana Del Rey in the short movie idea she had that he was so enamored with.

As it appears, James Franco is in a directing mood, so Lana Del Rey may have her chance to be in one of his movies. James Franco is listed on Twitter as an actor, writer, and director — and he is currently working on a film. On May 4, James Franco tweeted a picture from The Long Home and mentioned he was directing it.

In addition, James Franco is casting Lana Del Rey’s tour co-act, Courtney Love. About the film, The Wrap says, “The Long Home is based on a novel by William Gay and centers on a young man (Hutcherson) who finds himself working for the very bootlegger who killed his father 10 years earlier.”

Unfortunately, if you want to see if Lana Del Rey is in the cast, you might have to wait because The Long Home will not be released until 2017.

[Feature image via Getty Images.]