Cleveland Browns Rumors: Johnny Manziel Could End Up Being The Team’s Starting Quarterback After All

Cleveland Browns Rumors: Johnny Manziel Could End Up Being The Team's Starting Quarterback After All

The Cleveland Browns are rumored to be warming up to Johnny Manziel, and after his completed rehab stint and some failed trade talks it appears that Cleveland may be stuck with the troubled and still-unproven quarterback.

Just a few weeks ago, it appeared as if Manziel’s time in Cleveland was through. The team is reportedly tired of his lack of commitment, and sources said they were ready to cut Manziel loose just one year after drafting him in the first round.

ESPN insider Chris Mortensen even reported that the team has “90 percent” given up on Manziel.

“I think about 90 percent that they have moved on [from Manziel] in their own minds except that they really don’t know who they’re going to get when Johnny leaves rehab, which has been an extended stay — a two-month stay,” Mortensen said. “He should be getting out sometime in the first week of April if they’re satisfied that he’s ready to go out and get into society and that whatever deep-rooted problems that he had has been addressed. OK, now he’s part of your depth chart. You have Josh McCown.”

But now the Cleveland Browns are rumored to be making plans to keep Johnny Manziel in place, and possibly allow him to take over the starting role. The Browns were reportedly in talks to trade up for the No. 2 pick and take Marcus Mariota, but when that didn’t happen, it strengthened Manziel’s role with the team.

The team is now publicly backing Manziel as well. General Manager Ray Farmer said that Manziel has been doing well in offseason exercises.

“Johnny’s been good since he’s been around the Browns family,” Farmer told “I commend the young man for taking the necessary steps that he felt were needed to take. That being said, since he’s been back here, he’s been good. He’s doing everything he’s been asked to do. He seems dialed in and focused and that’s what it’s about, making football his first priority for us on this end, but, again, inevitably, we’re really focused on making sure the young man has his life together.”

Others close to the Cleveland Browns have said the team may not be ready to give up on Johnny Manziel. Mary Cay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer said she couldn’t see the team moving on from Manziel before getting a better look at his abilities.

Cabot also believed the team could still succeed with Manziel behind center.

“There is some thought that the offense changed too drastically when Manziel played, and that it threw off the entire unit. What’s more, the Browns now have one of Manziel’s mentors in Kevin O’Connell as their quarterbacks coach. Manziel thrived and improved in the few months he spent with O’Connell before the draft last year, and the Browns are confident he can bring out the best in Manziel.”

But with the quarterback situation still murky, the Cleveland Browns rumors regarding Johnny Manziel will likely continue until the team finally announces its starting quarterback.

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