‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Details Revealed, Possible ‘Worlds Apart’ Spoilers Get Fans Buzzing

Former 'Survivor' star Kelly Wiglesworth

There had been a lot of Survivor spoilers and rumors swirling about what would be taking place on the show next season and now it’s official. A lot of scoop was revealed during Wednesday night’s Worlds Apart show, angering some who think that some spoilers regarding Season 30 were revealed along the way. What’s the scoop on the Second Chance season?

Entertainment Weekly breaks down a lot of the details. As many suspected, Survivor: Second Chance will be filming this summer and will premiere this fall. That means that the season that recently wrapped filming, which on a regular production schedule would have aired in the fall, will be pushed to next spring.

The big piece of this next season that has fans buzzing is that they get to determine who will be working to outlast, outwit and outplay. There are 32 former castaways vying for viewer votes to earn the opportunity to play again. Voting is already available on the CBS site and continues until an hour into the Worlds Apart finale, 9 p.m. Eastern, on Wednesday, May 20.

Viewers and the new cast will all find out who will participate in Survivor: Second Chance at the same time: during the Worlds Apart reunion show on May 20. All 32 potential castaways will be in the reunion audience with their bags packed. Apparently, the voting results will be read live and everybody will hop on the airplane after the show to head off to filming. It’ll definitely be unusual for the entire cast to be known ahead of filming, but it may get fans all the more invested.

As EW notes, all 32 potential players share two very specific traits: they’ve all only played once previously, and none of them have won. That got many buzzing online when they saw that current Worlds Apart contenders Mike Holloway and Carolyn Rivera are on the voting page for Second Chance.

According to Jeff Probst, though, if either Mike or Carolyn wins Worlds Apart, they are disqualified from Second Chance and the next highest vote recipient gets the spot instead. So far, the show has not confirmed the filming location, though earlier Survivor spoilers indicated that the next two seasons are filming in Cambodia.

The 32 castaways angling for votes include former contestants all the way back to Season 1 with Kelly Wiglesworth, Season 2 with Jeff Varner and Kimmi Kappenberg, and Season 3 with Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper. Not every season is represented, and more recent seasons have heavier representation.

Five castaways from Worlds Apart will be in the mix, along with three from San Juan del Sur and four from Cagayan. Brad Culpepper, Ciera Eastin, and Vytas Baskauskas from Blood vs. Water are in the mix, along with former buzzworthy contestants Troyzan Robertson, Abi-Maria Gomes, Jim Rice, Peih-Gee Law, and others.

How will the fans vote? Everybody will find out during the Worlds Apart reunion show airing on May 20. Who would you like to see cast on Survivor: Second Chance?

[Photo by George De Sota/Getty Images]