‘Mindy Project’ Canceled: Fox Axes Show, But Season 4 May Still Be Coming

'Mindy Project' stars Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina

There’s bad news out for fans of The Mindy Project, though the news does come with a side of hope. When the Season 3 finale aired a while back, Fox had left fans hanging, both regarding the storyline and the decision regarding a renewal or a cancellation for Season 4. Now Fox reportedly has made a decision, but there may still be good news ahead.

TVLine reports that Fox has canceled The Mindy Project. This doesn’t come as entirely surprising news, but it is frustrating for fans given how Season 3 ended. As viewers will remember, Mindy was left worrying about the future of her relationship with Danny while he was surprising her by flying to India to meet her parents.

Now it seems that viewers will not get to tune in to Fox to see how it all played out. However, reports indicate that NBCUniversal, the entity that owns the Mindy Kaling series, isn’t ready to call it a day on the show. They are said to be working with Hulu on a deal to keep the show going.

As E! Online notes, NBCUniversal owns not only Mindy Project, it also owns Hulu. Moving the show over to Hulu would certainly appear to be a win-win for NBCUniversal, even if it means an adjustment for fans. Many have noticed the trend toward entities such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime creating their own shows, so picking up Kaling’s show for that type of outlet would make a lot of sense.

The word at this point apparently is that a multi-season pick-up is possibly coming together. How soon will a confirmation on this come from those involved? That much isn’t known quite yet, but it sounds as if fans should hang tight and avoid despair for the moment.

So far, neither Fox nor NBCUniversal have officially confirmed the Mindy Project cancellation news. However, both TVLine and E! Online note that they received multiple confirmations of both the network cancellation and the potential Hulu deal. It may take some time to hammer out specifics, but this does seem to be enough to give fans hope that Mindy and Danny will be back and that the birth of their baby will come to fruition for viewers.

Will fans embrace a move of The Mindy Project to Hulu if Fox indeed has axed it from their schedule? What should come next for Danny, Mindy, and the rest of the group?

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]