Bipolar Man Murders Parents In Virgin Islands, Mikhail Young’s Lawyer Says Arrest Was Illegal

Bipolar Man Murders Parents In Virgin Islands, Mikhail Young's Lawyer Says Arrest Was Illegal

Was Mikhail Young arrested illegally? Police say the 24-year-old Massachusetts man murdered his parents in the Virgin Islands only to fly back home. He was eventually arrested, but Young’s lawyer cites his client’s bipolar disorder and claims police should not have been able to arrest the man based upon a technicality in the law.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Mikhail Young’s parents, Ken and Jane Young, were found stabbed to death inside a rented condo on the island of St. Thomas.

“[Police Commissioner Delroy Richards] said the family arrived together April 28 on St. Thomas, where they had rented a condo at the Crystal Cove Beach Resort in a scenic area called Sapphire Bay. But early Saturday, the son went to the resort office and told staff he needed a taxi to the airport, then departed alone on a flight to the U.S. mainland and returned to Sudbury.”

The family had left for their St. Thomas vacation on April 28, 2015. Police say the man murdered his parents in the Virgin Islands some time between May 2, when they were last seen alive, and May 4, when their bodies were found.

“This is a horrific crime where the suspect allegedly killed his own parents,” Sudbury Police Chief Scott Nix said in a statement. “The Sudbury Police Department is working closely with officials in the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

Metro West Daily News reports that police believe to have found the murder weapon, a knife.

“We put everything together really,” Virgin Islands Police Commissioner Delroy Richards explained. “It’s not just one particular piece of evidence. There is a combination of different stuff that we retrieved. We’re positive at this point that he is the one.”

Police admit that they don’t have a motive for why the man murdered his parents in the Virgin Islands during what should have been a dream vacation. In addition, his parents had previously requested restraining orders against him.

According to WHDH, Young’s lawer, Robert Costello, described Young’s arrest:

“They apparently entered the young man’s home. They took the young man at gunpoint in to custody. The young man is here today. He has not been a problem to anybody in lockup. There’s been no problems reported overnight.”

Costello notes that Mikhail Young has a history of mental illness, and was not taking medication for bipolar disorder. Due to this history, he requested a competency hearing, claiming that the man was not a flight risk since he supposedly did not have a recent history of violence. The judge disagreed, however.

“He does have a 3 or 4 page history of threats, assaulting behavior, violations of an abuse prevention order. He does have bit of a history with the court,” the judge said, according to Fox News.

The lawyer also points out that Young was not arrested due to the allegations that the man murdered his parents in the Virgin Islands. Instead, Young was on parole due to a previous case of indecent exposure, which was how police in the United States obtained a warrant for his arrest. Costello claims this means police shouldn’t have been able to arrest Young because murder charges hadn’t been filed yet in the Virgin Islands, which meant there was no parole violation at the time of the arrest.