Ashton Kutcher Gives His Mom An Awesome Mother’s Day Gift – A Newly Renovated Home

They say that home is where the heart is. It’s a fact that Ashton Kutcher knows very well.

The actor-model recently gave his mom the best Mother’s Day gift ever when he renovated her house in Iowa, the same home he helped build and grew up in. He then expressed what “home” means to him.

“I think everybody has a place in their life that they call home. It sort of has that feeling of home, and no matter where you go in the world or what you see or what you do, when you think of the word ‘home,’ you’re drawn to a specific place in your mind.”

He added that for him, the property in Homestead is what he truly considers as “home.” The 37-year-old said he helped build the house with his stepfather when he was just 13, but said that it was high time for an update, especially now that there are grandkids in the picture. Not shy about mixing business with pleasure, the renovation was done using the home-remodeling app, Houzz, which is also one of the actor’s newest investments.

The renovation required the Houzz crew, with help from Ashton’s stepfather, to knock down walls, lift the ceiling, add lots of windows for natural light, and ensure that the basement will give Diane a place to enjoy her hobby – canning vegetables.

And to keep it a secret, Ashton had his mother fly out to Los Angeles on the pretense that he and fiancée Mila Kunis needed some help with new daughter Wyatt. While his mother was staying with them, the Houzz team and his stepdad got to work.

Of course, there were some moments when Ashton was worried about the project. Ashton shared his doubts before pointing to himself.

“We’re tearing the entire house apart so if my mom doesn’t like it, somebody’s in big trouble.”

But he shouldn’t have worried. Diane appeared to be overwhelmed when she arrived home, breaking down in happy tears when she saw her newly renovated home.

One of bedrooms was fitted with bunkbeds for when his mother’s grandchildren come over for a visit. The living room, which previously had an America-vibe and John Wayne memorabilia, was revamped to appear lighter and modern.

The Two and a Half Men star says that the renovation was “like a lifelong dream.”

[Image via HouzzTV]