Woman Finds Cocaine In Her Nature Valley Granola Bar [Video]


When you think of Nature Valley granola bars, you don’t think about cocaine inside of them. That’s what happened to Cynthia Rodriquez, when a small amount of white powder inside a plastic bag with designs of dollar sign symbols and bags atop it tested positive by police, assuring her that she had indeed found cocaine inside of a wrapped Nature Valley granola bar.

It was high quality cocaine inside the wrapped granola bar, reports USA Today — something discovered after Cynthia called Nature Valley, who in turn advised to her call police.


“We referred this to the police department in March, and are confident this did not happen in our facility.”

The fact that a child didn’t discover the bag of cocaine — or anyone else — and consumed it, thinking it sugar, is being called a good thing by Rodriquez, who is thankful that none of her 11 grandchildren came across the cocaine in the granola bars before she did.

“What if they thought it was sugar?”

Now the cocaine find is being investigated by the San Antonio Police Department, reports KSAT San Antonio — ‎after the drug was first discovered in March inside the free sample of Nature Valley Crunch Granola Bars.

As of this writing, there are no recalls listed for the Nature Valley granola bars on the United States Food and Drug Administration website, however, consumers can check the government website for future recalls. As reported by the Inquisitr, previous recent recalls included Kraft Mac & Cheese dinner boxes that were recalled because of metal contents.

In this instance, the customer didn’t buy the Nature Valley granola bar with the cocaine discovered inside, but she got them as a free sample as part of a promotion from a person who promotes food items for companies.

[Image via KENS5]