Leah Messer Reported Rehab Stay: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Already Out, Details Of Divorce From Jeremy Calvert

News of Leah Messer’s reported rehab stay hit the internet on Wednesday, shocking some fans who had heard rumors that the Teen Mom 2 star would be going to a facility for an alleged pill addiction. While it has already been reported on by the Inquisitr, a new report states that the reality show star and mother of three is already out of rehab and working out the details of her divorce.

Initially, the reported rehab stay was supposed to last at least a month. Leah reportedly wanted her girls to be able to visit her while in rehab, but according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Leah left rehab almost as quickly as she checked in! The Ashley points out that, over the weekend, Leah reportedly checked into the rehab center. While In Touch originally reported that the stay would last a month, The Ashley says that may have been the “original plan,” but that Leah is home and already meeting with lawyers regarding her divorce.

As for her divorce with Jeremy Calvert, things seem to be moving ahead. Late last year, Calvert took to Twitter to accuse his wife of cheating on him. However, reports have come out in recent days claiming that Jeremy may have been talking with other women well before Leah allegedly cheated. He and Leah appeared to work things out around New Years, but it seems like these two won’t be able to make things work and now are working out details regarding child support and child custody.

Jeremy and Leah have one daughter together, Adalynn. The Ashley reports that Leah Messer is seeking $1,250 a month to support their daughter. Most Teen Mom 2 fans know that Jeremy Calvert often works out of town for work and that he makes decent money. However, some people may feel that the amount Leah is reportedly asking for is a lot. If reports are to be believed, Jeremy also feels the amount is “unfair,” but he wants to expedite the divorce. If this is the case, agreeing to Leah’s requests would make the process much smoother than him trying to fight it.

The amount of child support Leah receives for her twins has been talked about on Teen Mom 2 in the past. According to a report from OK! Magazine, Leah Messer is entitled to $1,200 for her girls from Corey Simms, but that he only pays her $700. This was an amount that the two agreed upon.

When it comes to child custody, Leah and Corey recently went to court to hash out a new custody arrangement. Corey was allegedly seeking full custody of his girls in light of Leah’s alleged addiction (which is reportedly what led to the reported rehab stay), but the custody agreement stayed mainly the same. Corey did, however, get one extra day a week with his girls. As for custody with Jeremy Calvert, a source told The Ashley that Jeremy wants more than “50/50” custody and that he doesn’t feel Leah is a “fit mother” right now. Whether or not he will be awarded more than 50/50 is yet to be seen.

Leah Messer initially did not want to film a sixth season of Teen Mom 2, but eventually changed her mind. What has really happened between Leah and Jeremy will likely play out on the new season, which is set to air this summer. It is unclear if cameras are still rolling, though, and if they filmed anything about the alleged stay in rehab. Leah has not commented on her alleged stint in rehab and it is unclear if she will.

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