Mississippi Tornadoes Damage Dozens of Homes

Dozens of homes are damaged from two separate tornadoes that touched down in Mississippi overnight. Crews are now working to repair power in the cities of Jackson and Magee.

Mississippi Tornado: Magee

The first tornado hit in Magee — a small town northeast of Hattiesburg — around 1:30 a.m., emergency officials say. The twister tore through 60 homes and businesses and flattened a church, Corinth Baptist, completely. Witnesses say only the building’s sanctuary doors still stood by morning.

At least 17 people were hurt, though no deaths have been reported. Two of the injuries were serious enough to warrant air transportation to a medical center.

Mississippi Tornado: Jackson

The second storm touched down in Jackson around 4 a.m. Nine homes and a business are said to be severely damaged. No injuries have been reported.