Dorinda Medley Blasts Boyfriend John On Twitter For Behavior With Sonja Morgan And Kristen Taekman

Dorinda Medley

Is Dorinda Medley’s relationship with John, whom viewers were introduced to right away as her boyfriend when she arrived on the scene on The Real Housewives of New York City, over? On Tuesday night, as the latest episode aired, Dorinda blasted John for his behavior with Sonja Morgan and Kristen Taekman.

In one scene, during a party, John got a little too friendly dancing with Sonja and Kristen. While he roared with laughter as he danced with, and touched, Sonja and Kristen, Dorinda was none too pleased. She told him to stop and then refused to kiss him.

Dorinda is apparently still mad at how John behaved then. She fired off several tweets as that scene aired. First, she wrote that John looked like a leech.

Shen then compared him to an animal going after its prey.

She even wrote that it was like he was at a strip club.

Lastly, she said that since John refuses to accept the consequences, he won’t be getting near her bed any time soon.

So is Dorinda Medley’s relationship with John over, now that she’s watching the episodes? In her last blog for, posted last week, when discussing the scene where she snapped at John for saying that she needs to not let her daughter Hannah dominate her life, Dorinda indicated that they’re still together. As she does with her tweets, Dorinda made fun of John.

“So, as you may have noticed, John and I sometimes have strong discussions about it, and it’s sometimes difficult for him to understand the constant juggling act I have to do. But, if he loves me enough, and trusts I love him too, love will prevail. (Right?) There is no love like a mother’s love, and all mothers out there know this is undeniable truth, as solid as bedrock can be. Was I a bit too harsh? Maybe. Was I giving him subtle bailout after subtle bailout every time he approached the subject? Yes. There’s only so much you can put up with until you blow a gasket. I blew two. And lost my appetite. (Glad he didn’t lose his, though. #eyeroll) I hope you didn’t!”

A look at Dorinda’s Instagram page shows that as of a week ago, she and John were still very much together.

While Sonja Morgan didn’t talk about John in her blog post about Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, Kristen Taekman did. Kristen compared John to former housewife Aviva Drescher’s dad, who got a little too friendly with her last season.

“Josh was sitting right behind John and was laughing watching John trying to get the party started and getting his ‘extra friendly’ on. Sonja and John started dancing, and he pulled me in to dance with them, so we were all having fun, and then John’s hands got a little too friendly and that was a cue that it was time for me to exit…it felt very deja vu from a night last year with Aviva’s dad…”

Dorinda Medley is the newest housewife on the show. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, prior to the season premiere, executive producer Andy Cohen said that having eight housewives just felt right and that Dorinda fit right in from the beginning.

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