‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 11 Spoilers: Chaos Hits Seattle As Amelia Takes On Meredith

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been through a lot in recent weeks, but the chaos is not over yet. In fact, it is just beginning. On this week’s episode titled “Time Stops,” Amelia will take on Meredith over her handling of Derek’s death. Kevin McKidd, the actor behind Owen Hunt, directed this episode.

Amelia just allowed herself to actually feel emotions and deal with her brother’s death at the end of the last episode. That was a full nine months after Derek died. With Meredith’s return, Amelia can now reveal how she feels completely.

She is not happy that Meredith did not call her in when she learned he was in the hospital. The first Grey’s Anatomy sneak peek shared by ABC for this week’s episode shows Amelia confronting Meredith. Amelia thinks she could have saved Derek, but Meredith makes it clear that nothing could save Derek.

TV Guide shared a second Grey’s Anatomy sneak peek on Wednesday. April, Maggie, Amelia, and Meredith arrive at a chaotic scene in the clip. Previous Grey’s Anatomy spoilers shared by the Inquisitr revealed that the finale would involve a “catastrophic” event.

That event is a tunnel collapse of some sort. Meredith and her team will called in to help a man that had his car crushed by debris. Somehow, he is still alive in the almost flattened car.

Spoilers from TV Line tease that Amelia and Meredith will need to put aside their differences to work together during this new Seattle tragedy.

Grey’s Anatomy is known for its epic and chaotic finales. The finales either have an event affecting the city of Seattle or an event affecting the hospital or staff itself. With Derek’s death in recent weeks, it was not the time for the staff to deal with another internal blow.

This week’s episode will also introduce a new character. Giacomo Gianniotti is joining the series, and he will appear in several episodes. This means he will be a part of the action for Season 12, as well. Gianniotti is best known for his role of Lord Julian on CW’s Reign, according to Hypable. He also appeared on ABC’s Selfie.

His exact role has not been revealed, but it is likely he is one of the new interns at the hospital. There has been a new batch of interns running around the hospital, but none of those characters have been introduced yet.

What do you think? Will this Grey’s Anatomy tragedy and being forced to work with Meredith to save others help Amelia handle her anger and grief over Meredith’s handling of Derek’s death?

[Photo: ABC]