Kylie Jenner’s Temporary Lip Fillers — What Are They And Which Ones Does She Use To Plump Her Pout? [Video]

As seen in the below video, Kylie Jenner finally admits to Keeping Up With the Kardashian viewers that she uses temporary lip fillers in order to plump up her lips, even if Kylie doesn’t yet admit to the reporter interviewing her in the segment that she used the fillers. Preview clips from the reality TV show displayed Kylie’s family wondering what was going on with her lips, as have many folks who tried or read about the Kylie lip challenge on social media.

In the following video, Jenner dodges the journalist’s questions about her large lips by saying that she uses six different kinds of lipsticks. As reported by the Inquisitr, the Kardashians have been seen in other video snippets, with Kourtney and Khloe arguing after a nude photo shoot.

As reported by E!, Kylie felt insecure about her lips, and she took to Twitter to encourage young girls to aim to look like themselves, not Jenner. She did admit that there’s so much pressure on the Kardashian-Jenner Family to look a certain way, and that’s what drove her to use temporary lip fillers.

The questions next arise: What are temporary lip fillers? And which ones does Kylie use?

According to the Daily Mail, temporary lip enhancements are a way to plump up thin or uneven lips by injecting collagen into them, which can cost up to $400 to have done. If Restylane is used to plump up the lips, it can run around $250 or so. The effects of such lip plumping can last from about one to three months — and the injections can be painful, so anesthetics are used.

Although Kylie didn’t disclose the doctor she used for her lip enhancements, F. Victor Rueckl, MD, a Las Vegas dermatologist, says that temporary lip plumping is best achieved with fillers, according to the advice given to a woman seeking temporary lip filler advice on Real Self.

“If you’re already an experienced user for Restylane, I am unsure of your hesitancy for getting it. As long as you see someone who is an experienced injector, who follows the shape of your natural lips (bottom lips are often 2/3 and the top lip is usually 1/3), you shouldn’t have any concerns about looking overfilled, duck-like, etc. Visit a good injector, and this won’t be an issue. The only other option would be the lip products available from drugstores that have ingredients in them that basically irritate the crap out of your lips and make them swell (and itch!)! Not the best solution, but it’s another very temporary choice.”

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