Holly Hayles: Heroic Mom Battered While Protecting Toddler From Obsessed Stalker [Graphic]

Holly Hayles, Hero Mom

Holly Hayles (pictured above with her son) is a 22-year-old British woman, who, without hesitation, sacrificed herself and took a vicious beating from a man, who’d become obsessed with her, all in an effort to protect her 22-month-old son Spencer.

Rees Adamson, a man the Daily Mail describes as a “26-year-old thug,” had met Hayles through a mutual friend and begun seeing her in casual settings.

Adamson was taken with Hayles, something she admits was “sweet” at first, until she discovered some of the man’s disturbing history involving domestic abuse.

When Holly Hayles tried disengaging from the relationship, Adamson became obsessed and began stalking her.

His efforts culminated in a brutal attack that Hayles describes in horrifying detail for the news site.

Hayles said she was “still half asleep when the front door was being kicked down.”

“Rees ran at me, he knew I had Spencer in my arms, but he didn’t care. The attack left my face so swollen and bruised that my own son didn’t recognize me and he was afraid to come anywhere near me for weeks after. I thought I was going to die, but… all I thought about was protecting my son.”

Rees punched Holly repeatedly, which caused her to hold the little boy tighter, trying to shield him from the fury of the attack.

“I begged him to stop but he didn’t, instead he grabbed Spencer’s little chair and whacked it over my head, before smashing a glass bottle over me. My eyes were in such a bad state that all I could make out was my blood dripping down Spencer’s face as he screamed.”

Unfortunately, Holly Hayles wasn’t exaggerating any of the attack. The proof of her testimony can be seen in the horrifying images below.

Holly Hayles 2

The tough guy on the right is Rees Adamson. As previously noted, he’s been in trouble for this sort of thing before, and given the weak sentence, he likely will be again.

According to the Mirror, he received an eight-year sentence for the attack, and will probably serve only five of that.

Chronic domestic abuse is a problem not just in the U.K. The U.S. has long been criticized for reactionary laws, where the victim (usually a woman) has no legal recourse until her predator has physically harmed her in some way.

Take this case the Inquisitr reported on in April, where a man savagely beat his wife after threatening to kill her. He received a three-year sentence.

Do you think women like Holly Hayles are deprived of justice with sentences like these? What do you think a fitting punishment would be? Sound off in the comments section.

[Images via Caters by way of Daily Mail, linked above]