Male Brutally Beats Female Classmate While Teacher Yells At Him To Stop, Fight In Indianapolis High School Captured On Video [Video]

A vicious, one-sided fight, which may be better described as a brutal beating of a young woman by a much larger young man, at Northwest High School in Indianapolis, Indiana, is being investigated by the Indianapolis Public Schools after a video of the altercation was posted on Youtube.

The video was captured by a classmate as a male student began to argue with a female student. At one point, the disagreement escalates, and the male punches the girl in the face. Rather than walk away, he continues to brutally beat the young girl as stunned students look on. A few female students jump to the girl’s aid, unsuccessfully, as a male teacher emerges and yells at the male attacker to stop without attempting to pull him away.

WISH TV reported that Indianapolis Public Schools are outraged by the brutal beating and are conducting an investigation into the incident. The brutal beating has many parents concerned about their children’s safety, worried that the large number of students that pack the hallways are not safe without more supervision.

Parent Tameca Niemann shared her concern with WISH TV.

“They need to put more people out in the hallways to make sure that people pay attention to what’s going on. There are too many students in the hallway. If that was a break in between time or whatever, they should have somebody out there.”

The student that uploaded the video to YouTube refused to be identified by the media, but they felt that sharing the video was the best way to make the authorities and the public aware of the severity of the problem.

“It’s seriously just a matter of time before it gets worst unless someone steps in. They’ve been telling me about how bad the school has gotten. How the fights are so out of control and it’s happening so frequently. It’s just got to the point where we were like, we need someone to see what’s going on.”

WTHR Channel 13 responded to worries that the teacher did not physically intervene to stop the fight. According to the Indianapolis Public Schools, the staff is not allowed to put their hands on students, regardless of the situation. They reported that without a policy change that addresses fights specifically, a teacher could be fired for pulling a bully off of another student. The Indianapolis Public Schools released a statement regarding the teacher’s reaction to the fight.

“Northwest Community High School protocol calls for staff members to diffuse the situation verbally, then signal for support from administration and school police. School and district administrators are arranging appropriate disciplinary action, and IPS Police officers are collaborating with the prosecutor’s office to determine any potential legal actions. Indianapolis Public Schools’ lead administrators are investigating today’s situation at Northwest to ensure our students are served in the best possible ways.”

Should the teacher have disobeyed policy and stepped in?

[Photo Courtesy: WTHR]